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The Big Call CC notes (By DrSource), 19 AUGUST

The Big Call CC notes (By DrSource)

Thursday, August 18, 2016


Alright guys let’s talk about what’s going on out there.  Boy it was funny because today for 5 or 6 hours this morning since about 9 o’clock this morning there was just very, very little coming through.  Intel was almost just dead quiet. 

And it took until, I don’t know, I’m gonna say 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon to be in to begin to get anything new or meaningful regarding our blessing and where we are.  And then things begin to come in a little bit more this evening and we think we are um, we are at a good place.  We did get a little bit of Intel. 

I’ve got several things to talk about.  First let’s just go back for a minute and talk about Iraq.  Ah um, you guys remember we talked about the Amnesty Law having been passed and gone through and been put into the Gazette? 
Evidently there’s five parts to that Amnesty Law.  Three of the, three of the parts have been passed and gone through and are in the Gazette.  There may be two more aspects to it that might, ah, go through the weekend.  We don’t believe that these two aspects of the Amnesty Law, will, will hold anything up or is something that we’re waiting to have happen. 

That’s at what we are hearing at least from Iraq and so that’s sort of the, the gist of where we are on that.  There have been certain things happening under the Amnesty Law.  Uh, and also under the uh Judicial Law, which is also passed. 

And you know there quite a few arrests and things moving in that direction, uh as a result of those two, but just wanted you to be aware that I understood this afternoon that we had two, two other portions of that Amnesty Law that may still need to be dealt with over the weekend.  Uh, I don’t think it’s a big deal from what I’m hearing.

Now if we move on to the banking situation, this uh, this is interesting because, remember how on Tuesday night we talked about Abbot Downing working in conjunction with HSBC and Wells Fargo to handle the Zim redemption centers around the country? 

We talked about a pretty good number of those.  It ends up that Abbot Downing is actually in charge of all the redemption centers whether it’s for Zim or whether it was for the other currencies like the Dinar, the Dong, the Rupiah and um and the Afghani.  And so that’s interesting to me that I learned that this afternoon that Abbot is, is in charge of those other redemption centers as well.

So there is a relationship, , first of all I thought Abbot Downing was a boutique, outfit working with ultra-high net worth individuals? 

They are, but boy have they ramped up.  And I think what they’ve done is ramped up.  And I think what they have done is ramped up with additional asset managers and uh, wealth managers that have come from, we talked about last Tuesday, we talked about that they have come from Merrill Lynch and possibly other banks such as Wells Fargo’s wealth manager and wealth advisor area. 

The point is, with approximately 7,000 redemption centers in North America that’s, that’s a lot of Abbot Downing being brought in to uh to handle the exchanges uh at those centers.

Now the people that they’ve trained, they’ve been training for the last couple of years to take those responsibilities, learn the De La Rue machines, learn the new machine  to be able to work with that, I, I think they are just moving into position nicely. 

We also understand the security aspect of it, has sort of been ramped into an area of we don’t believe the threat level is as high as it used to be, but yet we know that their very ready for  the security aspect of our exchanges. 

And let me just say regarding security, , I had a discussion with Sue about this earlier and talked with you guys before about the idea of going in with someone who could provide security for you as you drive and travel to the redemption centers. 

Now they’ll have security for a large perimeter, in the air and also on the ground, but there will also be a need to go to the redemption center with someone to just kind of keep an eye on things for you as you get there. 

When you arrive, anybody that’s providing security that’s packing heat needs to keep that, firearm in a safe place in the car, locked up and not bring it into the redemption center. 

No firearms will be allowed to be brought in by re “redemptioners,“ let’s call ourselves. 

So just be aware of that if you come with someone whether there, you know plain clothes officer or security person or just ah, you know a friend of yours that that has a concealed carry permit or something like that.  We are not going to introduce firearms iinto the banks. 

The banks will have security; I say banks, you know what I’m talking about, the redemption centers will have security in and around the parking lots.  They’ll be able to provide it once you arrive and get escorted into the building.  So just beware of that. 

But, you know, if you’re a single person, traveling, it’s not a bad idea to travel with someone who can, can help you,  just from a security point of view to keep you protected,   I don’t want to have any stories about people  where certain things happened to them.

What I’m hearing is that ...I’m trying to keep my stride, my thoughts in line here so that I get this together.  Regarding, Wells Fargo and their relationship with ah Abbot Downing,

I heard that as of about 3 o’clock this afternoon, that communication needed to be dark.

They, their communication between those two, Abbot Downing and Wells,  at about 3 o’clock ended up going silent.  Interesting.  Interesting timing.  I think it could be indicative of a just how close we really are.
We know that certain redemption centers personnel were off for the day or for part of the day.  And we know that people are going in obviously some people, there’s always a skeleton crew at night, but I thing tomorrow is when they plan to ramp up a little bit more with more of the regular personnel starting sometime in the morning.  So, that’s interesting for us to know. 

Also when we think in terms of is everything done is everything complete?  You guys know we’ve heard, “it’s done, it’s all done” for for a long time.  I will say this, looking at this thing from my perspective; it appears we are coming down to the wire. 

It looks like, um, there seems there was a situation where, uh there were three sets of codes that needed to be sent out.  Uh the second set, the comp codes, the so called computer codes, those were received, by the attorneys at Wells Fargo.  And there was one other set of codes, which were the R-O-R codes, ah, (right of release) codes, those we understand have been, in a position to be put out, if they haven’t already been put out there... are about to be. 

Then once that occurs, we understand that it’s just a, a very short matter of time before the so called 800 number is to be disseminated.  We know that there’s a handful of individuals, uh, four or five, I believe maybe six, but I believe it’s four or five individuals that may be, handed the 800 number so that we can put that out on a call and on-line as instructed. 

We are under the impression that we may be one of the ones that is to receive that number, but just so you people know,  I have not received that number yet.   I’m open to and aware I might be chosen to receive that and if so I’m honored to do that and honored to put that out and will do the best job that we can to disseminate that information, but as of, I think some things got out earlier that indicated I already had it, which is not the case.  I don’t have it yet, so we are open to that. 

There were some additional, very old historic bonds that were missing earlier today that needed to be recaptured if you will and collected and those bonds were put into, I call it hypothecation. 

They just put it into a status where they can be matched up with the serial numbers by the bond owners, current bond owners.  That practice was being done late this afternoon.  And this evening we understand that a portion of those needs to be complete between 50 and 75% of those need to be hypothecated before the shotgun start could begin. 

The shotgun start would include not only the 800 number from being disseminated, but also the issuance of the prosperity packages and farm claims. 

The fines and penalties have, from what I understand have already been put out three days ago.  And we understand that the farm claims are exactly where they need to be before they get, put, handed out.  They’re in undisclosed locations.  Several locations.  And same thing can be said for the prosperity packages,  they are in undisclosed locations ready to be delivered personally.  And that we believe will occur, those two things will occur in conjunction with the  800 number roll out.

And so that is where we are in terms of uh terms of the majority of the Intel.  That’s it.  That’s how close we are we think that  this could happen later on, let’s just say it.  It appears this is to go between now and the weekend.  I’m not going to name dates.  I’m not going to name days.  You know where I’m trying to come from with this. You guys know that the rates are basically set. 

Once this comes out and we are able to get that 800 number and to disseminate that through a recorded link on the Big Call and we will send it out to various blog sites that we want it to go to. 

We understand that once that happens we are in a situation of redeeming our currency and our bonds for 7 days straight.  7 days.  Now will it take that long to get the Zim in for example?  I think they’re going to want to get that Zim in the first 72 hours, 96 hours I think.

But they are set out to receive these currencies for redemption from us,  for 7 days, 24 hours, I believe 24 hours around the clock.  So just 24/7 and just as long as it takes.  If it gets through where they are able to get us in and out more quickly, then then of course it may not go 7 days, but we understand that’s the plan as it is now. 

And remember its Abbot Downing that’s in charge and in control of this.  And I’m sure it will be good they will be able to, to work with us and hold our hands a little bit as we go through the process. 

They are aware that most of us are not ultra-high net worth individuals and that they will be giving advice and helping us through the, through the process.  We know that Wells Fargo is the lead bank.  There the ones that will be in charge of keeping the money safe and keeping the money in our accounts. 

And yet Abbot Downing will be the ones in charge of working with us from an investment point of view.  They’ll be the ones working with us  on the structured payouts and, it will make a lot more sense. 

Cause those, those individuals are used to working with ultra-high net worth individuals and in a family office perspective.  They are used to that and that’s why they’re the branch if you will of the Wells Fargo, under the Wells Fargo umbrella that will be working with us in that way. 
So I’m excited about it.  I’m excited about how close we are.  I believe this will go,without incident.  There may be some announcements that will need to be made, prior, or there may not. 

I do not expect an RV announcement here or anything regarding the GCR per say.  There may be some other political type announcement we would see, something regarding the debt forgiveness and so on that we have talked about in the past.

Playback:  605-562-3198, 123456# Intel begins at 35:41

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