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Bruce:  Tonight, we do have some information. I think we have now is valuable. We know things have happen to move this along further than we were along on Tuesday.

Let's  start with tier 3, tier 4 and see where we are with that. Tier 3 area was dealing with primarily with bonds, bond redemption, skrs being made liquid. SKR accounts that been previously exchanged but funds blocked.

What we heard today starting last night about proximately 18,000 been handled last night. This morning a number closer to 30,000, then 36,000. Last time we heard over 50,000 accts been made hydrated.

All the paymasters have received all their funds in their accounts and been hydrated to pay off these skrs. About 9:00est all accts been paid tonite.  

I feel we are in good shape as far as that

Long time ago it said when those skr paid and some groups initially gone, I don’t know how far along is that, it may have started, may about to begin.

We understand not too long after the tier 3 accounts be paid, the skrs, the rest of the tier 4, our currencies would begin. I feel that is where we really are. Those who have currency begin redemption.

We should be highly expectant. We are next.

So with that being said, it is about our time. Now what indicators are going out there besides the skr?

A number of other calls, other people blog sites are being shut down or at least temporary not being used for calls. When people in the currency community say I am gone, not going to do anymore calls.

Even I was asked today was this my last call. You know I want to bring calls in the future. If this was to be our celebration call, then that would be a normal call, then we would go ahead do a recording of a celebration call after this call if it would happen after this call.

Do a recording and put it out for all to  hear. That is our tentative plan if we got some info in this call, do it live. If not do it recorded. My point even I was ask if I was going to do a recorded call tonite. I said we will see. As we know now this is not a celebration call. We know our time very close with the info we are getting.

As far as other things are happening. The paymasters have been paid, paying out the skrs, should be complete. All the testing taking place couple days ago with the CIP system. Wires been done to put funding in place.

I have heard that this so call RV has happen, taken place. I believe this is true. What we are experiencing now is a process of payout, paying the accounts that need to be paid to get out in express order the various accounts paid starting with SKRs.  

We are in Tier 4. WE know the redemption centers are on black out. WE know they are quiet. They are ready, trained, prepared on deluru machines. So real time on currency can be transmitted.  

They want ZIM holders in first. If you have ZIM let them know that when you set your appointment.

When making your initial call, some may want to use star 67 so their phone number won't be seen. I think that might be a good idea. You can use that before dialing the 800 number.

Although they will ask your name on your call, and may want your phone number. They will ask your zip code and other info so they can determine who you are.

We heard they may give you another number to call. We don’t have that confirmed. May be a two step process. BE prepared for that being a two step process getting your appointment made. They want ZIM holders in the first 72 hours, first 3 days. That is their intentions.

There are specifically approximately locations specifically set up for ZIM.  There is additional new personnel from the highest institutions affiliated with Wells Fargo been added the last two days to help facilitate these exchanges.

We do expect the new system be more transparent. Transactions more faster than before. Funds sent around the world will be seen. Signing about a two page NDA.  We will be well taken care of. I applaud all the bank institutions that have trained diligently for our exchange. It will be a fun experience for us.

I went over the rate structure went over last Tuesday and what it might mean for you if you wish to negotiate a rate on a number of currencies not just the ZIM. They are prepared, we are prepared.

Certain political things have moved in favor of the process. Certain elements in society worldwide are no longer an issue. We believe that  we are very very close to what will be our final receipt of our blessing.

We have given you some time windows and frames in the past. We are hearing some of those yes. They are approximate to us and we do have a reason to believe the rates have stabilized and are locked which is interesting. There really maybe nothing more than a slight time issue on the release.

All the way around all have a green light, just up to the final button pusher to release it. We are looking good for take off, lift off. 

You know to have your two forms of picture ID, one utility bill or cell bill that shows your address.  Bring your currency that is separated by which currency it is and denominations.

 Try to have all those different denominations total in some sort of sequence from lowest to highest or highest or lowest. This way you know and written down on a piece of paper you have of each currency and each denomination.

You can do that now if you haven’t yet. Make a list of how many notes you have and total it so you know how much of each currency. ZIM use ZIM dollars total. VND  in DONG dollars.
 If you have 2 million dong, put it has 2 million dong.  Dinar in dinar notes. Call it what it is.

Express total in that currency or country. Same thing in Afghanistan for Afghan, and the  Rupiah. Make your totals now. Hand a copy of that sheet over to the person that is counting it so they have a baseline. This way when they count it and verification, it will show and add up to same number as you have.

Then you will be in agreement, same page, numbers agree.  So have that total written down for yourself, and written down so they see what you expect total to be. A lot of dinar notes are brand new, stuck together, separate those notes. 

A little hint, something you might want to do.  The bills themselves have different sizes so they might have to set the deluru machine for the different sizes. If you have only one denominations, don’t sweat it. All you need is a total.  

Don’t use paper clips that will bend, keep currency pristine as you can. Circulated currency not a problem as long as it is legit.

Have your information about your humanitarian projects. If you going to do them as part of your exchange, make sure you have no more than 3 pages of a bullet outline or expression of what you plan to do.

Hand over a copy and keep one for yourself. Those not used to speaking in front of strangers. I think they are going to be kind. Look them in the eye, be honest, forthright, tell them what you plan to do. Practice, role play with someone, have fun with the concept of role play.  One minute to explain the project and how it works

Important things they want to know how you going to help people and are you going to employ people. If US base project fantastic. IF something over like Honduras, employment rate over 67% range. We can make a difference to create jobs, create an economy down there.

90% of us will be in a position of philanthropy.  W are very close. We are ready, they are ready. The world ready to move forward to make large strides starting with you, your community, than to the rest of the world.

(That is all there is for now) hugs

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