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Bruce:  Welcome everyone, and especially special guests to the Bigcall. We don’t know if this is our last call. We will see. We certainly are ready for the possibility of this rolling out and moving on with our lives beyond redemption and into the area of philanthropy, humanitarian projects, hiring people. We are ready and set on go and ready to take off and start over in a lot of ways.

Bruce:  Again, welcome all the special guests from banking and financial institutions listening in. It reassuring to me because it tells me the proximity of the blessing we are looking for. We are at the point and I know we have said we are done. A four letter d word sometimes we really not wish to use. I think where we are right now the expression applies. Not really anything else to do except put out the toll free number to the community so we can set our appointments for our redemptions.

I know the banks are ready because they have been doing redemptions the last couple of days. They have been doing exchanges with people with pre arranged appointments long ago, clients of the banks, etc. They have run through a lot of these appointments the last ten days. My understanding that pretty much ended Sunday night. We are looking forward to our turn and that is sort of  I am looking forward to the chance we will be able to go. In 12 years involved in this I think I am ready to move on to the 2nd part of this.

Bruce: WE know for example in Iraq maybe one other portion of the amnesty law that needs to be passed. I think it be done by Thursday. But it shouldn’t preclude this to go. We know they have operated the last several days under the amnesty law and the other law they just passed not too long ago. We are thinking that is in place and moving quickly, not slow us down. Confirmation Saturday Iraq lower denominations are out and in use in Iraq. When we heard that lower denominations would be out years ago we thought that is game over.

Evidence they are using their lower denominations, the notes printed a long time ago, denominations below the 50 dinar note, 20, 10, 5 even coins.  So if those are out, that is a very good sign everything is basically done in respect of Iraq. We are looking at 5 currencies in the first basket. Iraqi dinar, Dong, Zim, Rupiah, Afghani and 3 other baskets coming down the road.

We are in good position to do exchange for those. Approximately 6800 exchange centers in Canada and US that have been staffed for months really and we know they are ready and have the brand new delue machines.  They can tie directly to the super computer to China with banks there, all connected to a new satellite that went up last week that is connected to the super computer over there.  They will be getting real data in terms of liquidity, structure payouts, so on.

Bruce:  WE know Abbott Downing, high net worth investment of WF has expanded greatly to be the go to people for high net worth Wealth management after the fact. In fact there has been essentially a buyout of another financial arm in banking with Abbott Downing. 85% of those offices will become Abbott Downing branches. Now they will be in every state in the country. They will help us make the transition from our current lives to moving to wealth and facilitate the programs we have plans for after the blessing comes for us.

Bruce: Relationship we had with our banks may have been adversarial. You might have been turned down with credit cards, etc. I think now a new ball game for a lot of us. All of us can go into a new relationship with the banks, a new transparent relationship where we are a team, working on projects together, not across the desk, but same side of the desk. That is the relationship I hope to create. I hope all of us can get to that point.

CIPS system working beautifully, transactions quickly, preventing people to use money for own gain. It is design with protocol and many encrypted codes with these transactions where it is impossible to hack. Our bank wires will seem ledger to ledger transactions. With asset back, gold back, it changes the playing field for all of us, and currencies and countries around the world.

Bruce: We did hear a report on Bloomberg, a new currency system implemented for the public for September 1st. Notice I say for the public, john q public, those not paying attention to a call like this, not watching activity the last 4 to 5 years. Confirmations that did happen today. That is a major thing. What about this internet group, or another group tied to WF or group from out west, so these groups should be notified quickly because we know we have 5 to 7 days to redeem our currency. It has to happen soon before the public has to go by September 1.

Bruce: Fiat currency suppose to be removed by the end of September. WE are saying are we going to have a new gold back currency, USN, are those backed by the TRN are those going to be picked up in 30 days after September 1? TRN wasn’t backed by any asset except credit of the US, kept dollar strong.

Bruce: Seen Germany put out a warning to stock up for 10 days in case of terrorism, I say it has something more with the banking system, and have food and water where there might be a financial turmoil. An interesting warning that went out. Never heard that before.

Bruce: Otherwise, information we getting the system , computer system for the bank was reset over the weekend. I understand they reentered logarithms. They completed the updates between 10 and 11 last night. Updated rates, the relationships with the currencies around the world. This was started more like 3am and finished up last night. I think that is a good sign it is completed.

Bruce: We understand yesterday 290 billion dollars worth of bonds were transacted in trade first 30 minutes. A lot of different bond trading and creating tons of liquidity in the process. Our humanitarian funders in good shape with their liquidity and ready in a day or so to cut checks to the principles of those projects in the next day or so.

Our liquidity for our exchanges, paymasters are fully liquid. Liquidity in place. All fully hydrated. We believe people who are next are us to receive the 800 numbers whether by email, group source or we receive and we would put it out as indicated whether can be said live or recording. If we can’t do that then we would put it out on our website and various sites on the net so people can grab it that way. We understand WF the lead bank, Abbott Downing in full charge of redemption centers. Thank them for that.

In Canada TD Bank, others under the umbrella of HSBC, and other banks working in the Latin countries under HSBC. Other large banks ready to go and a number tier two banks ready to go.
Zimbabwe dollar holders would be given first priority on their appointments. Call and let them know they have Zim as well as other currencies you have. They want to pull ZIM off street quickly.

Where are we in this? I believe you guys know as a disclaimer certain affiliates; it is just their opinion, not necessary opinion of the Bigcall. WE value a lot of the Intel out there. WE try to glean the truth what we hear and put it out in a truthful way.

WE are hearing the proximity to receive that number is in an auto pilot situation. That auto pilot will release that number a certain time. That timing very close could have in matter of hours and days. I trying not to call it and still give you the indication of the proximity how close we are getting the number. Take a deep breath, pray, dial the number, set your appointment and have all you need and ready to go.

Have a joyful happy time when you exchange. Might be some tears, laughter and smile. Do not for any reason call anyone on your way out of the bank or when you get hour phone to tell them about your exchange experience. It is private, no one needs to know.

If  someone has currency let them go in and exchange and they will know what they can and cannot do under the NDA.  Adhere to the NDA rules because we do not want your funding removed from you with violation of the NDA. Take this admonition and do it as you will to make sure you keep this transaction private. Keep your future lives more private. Try not to outwardly change your life style if you staying in your current home. If you are moving to a more upscale situation, then you can blend in. Try to blend in and look into security measures for your phones, computers, everything else even personal security if you feel it is necessary.

Don’t let the brinks drive up to the house for delivery and have your neighbors curious. We don’t want to see that happen. Use your good judgment when you go to your appointments. Dress professionally. Look into their eyes; don’t look down means you are laying. Look them in the eye and have a great great time with it.

Then how many of you will want to go forward and be part of some projects we have planned. Thousands of you are listening that have no intentions not to anything with us. You will disappear that is cool. But many thousands will want to do something with us.  I think the Intel is as you heard it. Just looking for the release of the 800 number and then we will take it from there.


Additional notes from Bruce: Since I gave the Intel information, I heard that the prosperity packages have gone out.

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