Friday, August 5, 2016


SITREP    00:00:00 EST Thursday August 4, 2016

Breakthrough news folks! The RV has begun in earnest and with actual liquidity payouts here in the United States and Canada! It's really here!

Real USN wires are arriving to real USN accounts, for spendable usage in real USN currency anywhere in the free world via the new CIPS delivery  mechanism. 

Just incredible! No drama, no fanfare, no BS. Just reality! 

You're living in the RV right now.   Ink insists invisible still for most--just know and be prepared because your turn is rapidly approaching. 
T3 paymasters have been given access codes direct to master hydration accounts at HSBC/WF which have been temporarily assigned / provided by the Elders for layout purposes. 

Since early Wednesday morning, T3 paymasters have been actively executing master list submitted wire transfers by fulfilling their existing SKR lists--and actually liquidating gold backed funds into pre-existing USA domiciled gold backed bank accounts, with a client's ability to spend gold backed currency--cash and credit! 

This is a remarkable sign of meaningful progress for those of us long invested in currencies because over 60,000+ T3 SKRs are now in real time process of being liquidated, with an expected completion date of Friday...sometime before US banks close on West Coast or 6pm PDT. 

Currently we understand paymasters are 25% through their SKR lists as of midnight Thursday. 

Once the T3 paymaster process achieves a to 95% completion percentage, T4 paymaster liquidation automatically begins which includes all revalued first basket currency redemptions (IQD, VND, ZIM, AFA, IDR). 

Meaning, after US banks close their doors on the West Coast, toll free numbers will automatically be released across North America and appear for appointment setting purposes and immediate currency retrieval and conversion. 


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