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Friday  August 19, 2016 (9)  (Excerpt)

FORM: Zimbabwe Currency is a Sovereign Historical Bond​

Excerpts from Zimbabwe Situation:



I​f you'll remember in 2008, the same German company. chosen to print new Zimbabwe bonds releasing this coming August, Giesecke & Devrient, stopped providing paper for Zimbabwe dollar banknotes after an official request from its government .

Griesecke & Devrient said at the time that its decision came after a “political and moral assessment” of its contract with Zimbabwe.​

Meaning, the ZIM is a sovereign historical bond not solely ​a national currency, but also a bond with legal rights to the land, minerals and resources of Zimbabwe. Thus,​its net redemption value is much, much​ higher than any ​other first basket currency​. 
This is also why a Ultra High Net Worth boutique private bank like Abbot Downing was contracted to handle intake of the ZIM historical bond for a Wells Fargo, and why it's critical for the Chinese Elders to pay whatever price necessary to retrieve all historic sovereign historic bonds / assets worldwide--as they plan on ultimately destroying them, including all global fiat currencies eventually.

​Just understand that to legally accomplish a Global Currency Reset (GCR) all of humanity's past debts must be paid in full by the Chinese ​Elders before the world can r​eset onto a new, gold backed financial platform, as only then will all currencies of the world be allowed to ReValue (RV).

God is with us

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