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YES........VIETNAM and It's ECONOMY is  A POWERFUL FORCE to Be RECKONED With........and Now You Know (WHY) they are the USA'S Star FRANCHISE Quarterback........

This NEW GLOBAL REALITY is About to EXPLODE (Many) Countries ECONOMIES........WHY........???

Because The GREAT ENSLAVEMENT of the the USD has Held these COUNTRIES CURRENCIES Under Water and Very Soon VIETNAM and Others Will See their Respective Countries and their ECONOMIES/CURRENCIES {Rise} to their TRUE VALUES and NEW LIFE will Be BREATHED Into A Dismal Inept Reality of the Citizens of these Countries w/NEW Found Purchasing Power........

Therefore, A GLOBAL AWAKENING to Production of Goods, Services, and INVESTMENT Will FLOOD these Countries.......Stimulating GROWTH, A Sense of NATIONAL PRIDE, and NEW INNOVATION, Which Just So Happens to Be The FOCUS/OBJECTIVE of the G20 SUMMIT On September 4, 2016.....

That's Right says BOB BARKER.......Come On Down {CHINA} Your the Next Contestant On "The Price is Right"........but I Digress........

Mountainman:  Back to VIETNAM, Who will and has Been Exploding As "THE SECOND FASTEST GROWING ECONOMY"

Since 1990.......Hmmm........Do You THINK The US had A PLAN {ALL} Along the Way........???  After All, the SDR System has been in the WORKS thru the IMF Since 1969 and 47 YEARS Later We See A NEW GLOBAL REALITY About to SKY ROCKET to Dimensions Unexplored by MAN'S EYES........

And the WORLD is Establishing Means of TRANSPORTING their PRODUCTS,SERVICES, and Yes........INVESTORS via HUGE CONTRACT DEALS like BOEING Airplanes for VIETNAM , to FAST TRACK Shipping thru NEW TRAIN Routes, to PORTS and SHIPS that Will BLOW UP their So Called "GLOBAL WARMING" Messages........

Fossil Fuels are Going to be SMOTHERING the AIRWAVES, the LANDSCAPE, and the {GLOBAL} SEAS Unlike ANY TIME Known to Mankind.......But Like Everything; there has to be "A REASON" to PREACH to the MASSES........

Meanwhile Just STUDY and RESEARCH How Much FUEL/OIL Is Needed to TRANSPORT these Arenas of DELIVERY from One Country to Another........
I am NOT Opposed to It BTW.......I Just don't Like the LIES that can be CLEARLY Refuted as FALSE.......

Now, Back to VIETNAM and the TPP=40-60% of GLOBAL TRADE Supported By MANY Here and Abroad and One can SEE Why the USA says Hey,Hey,HEY VIETNAM and TPP is Here for the USA........ {ALL} IMO

Blessings,Mountainman (8)=New Beginnings........for A NEW GLOBAL FRANCHISE for The USA........VIETNAM STYLE........

Samson:  Vietnam Offers Some of the Most Exciting Investing Opportunities

Although given short shrift by the press, Vietnam has racked up the world's second-fastest growth rate since 1990, with more to come.

  Aug 8, 2016

Which emerging Asian market has posted a torrid economic growth rate over the past 25 years, modernized its rural economy, lifted millions of its people out of poverty and become an important player on the geopolitical stage?
It is neither China nor India.
Instead, it is Vietnam, the nation whose insurgent communist guerrillas embroiled the U.S. in a bitter Cold War-era proxy war from 1955 to 1975. Once a byword in America for military quagmire and social division, Vietnam is now a major trading partner with Uncle Sam and the rest of the world.
As erstwhile developing stars such as Brazil, Russia and even China stumble, Vietnam is emerging as the Asian continent's next growth engine.

So what makes Vietnam so appealing?

One recent example is Vietnam's VietJet, which inked a deal in May for a firm order of 100 Boeing 737 MAX 200 passenger airliners worth $11.3 billion. Delivery of the Boeing airplanes is slated to run from 2019 until 2023.
The fast-growing airline also signed a $3.04 billion deal for engines made by Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies, for the 30 Airbus A321 planes that VietJet ordered last year.

The Boeing deal marks the biggest commercial aerospace contract in Vietnam's history and reflects Asia's travel boom, as the region's rising middle class embraces tourism. In a volatile and overpriced global stock market, Vietnam offers an often overlooked chance for long-term, market-beating growth.
As with China, Vietnam is a fiercely competitive mercantile nation that is only communist in name.

With a population of more than 90 million, Vietnam has generated a growth rate of about 7% per person since 1990, the world's second-fastest growth behind only China. Vietnam continues to make infrastructure investments and simplify its trade rules, putting it on track to sustain its robust growth rate for at least the rest of this decade.

Vietnam's economy is becoming less dependent on a top-down command structure and state-subsidized conglomerates and more tailored to free market forces. The government encourages economic competition among its 63 provinces, spends heavily on education and training and has launched several initiatives to foster innovation such as technology industrial parks.
At the same time, the nominally communist government has started to acquire important positions in the United Nations and shown an interest in maintaining geopolitical stability. As China rattles its saber in hotly contested areas such as the South China Sea, the U.S. is focusing less on Europe and paying closer attention to China's increasingly nervous neighbors in Asia.

The U.S. "pivot to Asia" has put countries such as Vietnam into the spotlight, which entails the economic stimuli of enhanced foreign aid and weapons purchases.
President Barack Obama in May lifted the U.S. embargo on lethal weapons purchases to Vietnam, opening the door for Boeing and other defense/aerospace behemoths to strike lucrative deals with America's former Southeast Asian enemy.
As foreign firms and tourists flock to Vietnam, now is the time to get in on the action, before individual investors catch on.


Mountainman:  You See FAMILY this is The RESULTS When Man Changes TRUE WEIGHTS and MEASURES of VALUE........from It's GENESIS to it's REVELATION........Will they Ever LEARN........???

Hmmm   However, What this POINTS to is their OLD GLOBAL REALITY is Living "ON THE EDGE"=THIN ICE........Here IT Comes.......THE {NEW GLOBAL REALITY}........INDEED   IMO

Blessings,Mountainman    (8)=New Beginnings........for The BOTTOM to DROP OUT.....

Samson:  Central banks are printing money as though the global economy is in freefall

Central banks around the world are now spending $200 billion a month on emergency economic stimulus measures, pumping this money into their economies by buying bonds. The current pace of purchases is higher than ever before, even during the depths of the financial crisis in 2009.

And yet, despite the extraordinary support of so-called quantitative easing (QE), the global economy is not in great shape. What was supposed to bolster economies temporarily during times of crisis has become a routine tool for policymakers, who long ago cut interest rates to zero (or below) but haven’t seen the pick-up in activity they would have hoped.
Alberto Gallo, a fund manager at Algebris Investments, says we are in a state of “QE infinity” with persistently low growth, low interest rates, and central bank policies that don’t fix things.
“They won’t ever say they’re out of ammunition, but central bankers are starting to look like naked emperors,” Gallo wrote in an article for the World Economic Forum.
The criticism central banks face for enacting these policies—that many argue increases inequality—is getting more heated. Meanwhile, governments are accused of not doing their part, leaving central bankers do all the heavy lifting.
The Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank are the biggest contributors to the current bond-buying spree, at about 10 trillion yen ($96 billion) and €80 billion ($88 billion) a month, respectively. The Bank of England said last week that it was getting back in the QE game, fearing the economic consequences of the Brexit vote. It will add £60 billion ($78 billion) to its stock of government bonds over the next six months, and is also buying £10 billion of corporate debt for good measure.

Over and over again, central bankers say that their stimulus measures only buy governments time to enact more durable reforms. But we shouldn’t expect a burst of fiscal stimulus from elected officials anytime soon, JPMorgan analysts warn in a recent research note. In fact, fiscal policy will act as a drag on growth into next year, they say. This was also the case between 2010 and 2015, when government policies to tighten spending dampened global GDP, working against the monetary stimulus provided by central banks revving their printing presses.
Jörg Krämer, chief economist at Commerzbank, says that the ECB’s bond-buying program has allowed governments to gloss over the root causes (pdf) of the region’s financial malaise, artificially boosting asset prices across the euro zone. Specifically, QE has pushed down yields on government bonds so nations can borrow for less than ever before, removing any sense of urgency about restructuring and reforms.
After years of QE, central banks already own much of their nations’ debt, a problem in itself. This week, just two days into the Bank of England’s latest round of bond buying, it ran into trouble after not getting enough offers from holders to sell the securities it was looking to purchase. This raises questions about the effectiveness of these policies, if central banks can no longer convince the market to give up their holdings even when offered above-market prices.


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