Thursday, August 11, 2016


Aggiedad77:  WOW Family....what a conference call last night.....a "bases loaded bottom of the ninth inning World Series" kind of performance from Frank last night.....my hat is off to him and his TEAM and FRIENDS for all they do and what they have so generously served to the Family.
The news is full of stuff again today.....Parliament and the Defense Minister need to kiss and make up....each one has things to do to bring a finality to the terrorism issues as well as the Monetary Reform.....gentlemen take your places.....no we won't insist on you kissing to make up....and keep your shoes on as well....odor eaters haven't made it to the ME yet apparently.
Basra.....oh Sweet Basra....the new Mecca for all things Financial.....sprouting before your very eyes....oil flows and contracts come in great abundance to turn this industrial backyard into a shiny new Mecca for the world to flock into.
Abadi....you stand tall little guy.....some other skinny world leaders may tower over you, but you got the grit to get the dirty work done....more so than others who have ignored or mocked you in the past....you sir will have the last laugh...IMO.....who's got your six....we do.
Iran....Turkey.....shut up and get in the back of the line....the LONG Line that is....your bad-boy prankish attitudes will get you nothing but trouble....and a plane full of whoop-#$% could be on it's way in short order bringing your last meal.
We have so much great information that is before us, behind us, heck it has us surrounded.....who is that on the pitcher's mound that Frank26 is catching for today....they look like they are relaxed and calm with all the confidence in the world that the next pitch is delivering a slider with the earmarks of Mosul all over it.....the next batter who is known by his nickname "Sultan of DAASH" but everyone in the dugout knows him of late as the Strikeout King....floundering and grossly off time with the bat, he's on his last legs....soon to be run out of town by that new recruit, the speedster known as "Speed of Light"....Monetary Reform....or "MR" for short.....

Frank26 is so laid back, he's munching on cookies in between pitches....no worries he says....we got this.

Aloha    Randy

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