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Intel Highlights From "The Big Call" Tuesday Night 8-2-16 by California Sugar at WingIt, 3 AUGUST



Redemption centers are quiet.  They are on blackout.  Some that we know of, so probably all are ready for notifications.  We believe that all are on an any moment basis.  We heard this from many sources.  

We are not calling it, we are just telling you to the best of our ability that this is what we have been told that this is where we are.  

I'm excited, but I'm cautious about making you all too excited.  I've been affected by this over 12 years.  I'm frustrated as well.  But we are all in the same boat.  

We will all receive the blessing together.  We all go at the same time.  We hear about private groups the have liquidity. We believe that is the case.  Some SKR's not all, and I don't' know how many, but some.  

Rates - my position has always been not to put out rates.  That has been my position for over a year.  It's not that I don't want to put them out, but rates could change up or down, at any moment.  We had a rate change yesterday, in the positive direction, but only on one currency.  Not sure if that rate change affected the others.  

I'm not going to do the bank's job by discussing structured payouts, rates of exchange, etc.  It's their business. From what I understand. there are 4 rate structures.  I heard of this from WF and HSBC and AAIB and somewhat from People's Bank of China.

They are partnering  and some banks are under the direction of these banks as well others in Canada, like RBC. Mexico is handled by HSBC.
Lower rates are international.  In country rate where currency originates.  Dinar $5.32 this could be international rates. It could have changed.  Not sure if this rate has posted.  
Market or Bank or screen rate.  Some use Street rate, but drop that from your vocabulary.

This is rate people would normally see when go into bank.  We understand that
involvement with China and USA involvement with war in Iraq will affect our rates.  Those rates are higher than international.  We used to call contract rate.  

May still exists for certain groups.  I use the term pre-negotiated as opposed to contract.  These rates are for certain groups.
The final rate is the highest rate.  We used to use the term sovereign.  But within the banks the term is privately negotiable rate.
That means that if you are someone with a humanitarian project, or creating jobs, those are the reasons why you should have 2-3 pages of a bullet outline of your plan.  Not a full blown business plan, but a simple explanation of what you want to do to improve the world.  

My recommendation is to put it in a format that can be copied and have many copies available for those who are helping you with the exchange.  That could be up to 10 people, not including you and your spouse.
Practice a 1 minute elevator pitch to explain, from your heart, what you want to do wit this money. That and your ability to explain it to your banking partners is what will get you the rate that you desire.  They might ask you what do you need from this exchange.  In my case, I will use one currency 100% will be used for projects.  Other currencies will be used for personal use - friends, family and others.  

So-called privately negotiable rate is applied more specifically to Zim, but may also apply to the other 4 currencies in this first basket.  This is your opportunity to get the rate that you like.  Without telling you the numbers, those rates are extremely high.  

And there are NO ZEROS coming off any of the currencies.  Did you hear me?  There are NO ZEROS coming off any of the currencies.  

We are serving a God of more than enough.  A God of abundance.  We are living in a time of prophesy fulfilled.  Yes, we lost some people.  I lost my wife.  We lost some gurus.  But here we  are.  It does not matter to me what anyone else out there is telling you about this.  I am telling you what I KNOW.

 If you FEEl that your rate should only be 3cents.  That's up to you.  Set your bar that is right for you to clear.  If it will hurt you in some way, or be a burden to you to set your rate too high, then don't go there.  No shame.  Come up with a mutual, agreeable rate.  Don't shoot for the moon.  

The Bible says that the more you get out of this, the more will be required of you. So set your sights high, but comfortable.  This is generational wealth. I don't want this to be generational curse.  God does not give you blessing that will burden you.  

Pray, meditate on what God wants you to do. Pray INTO this so that you are comfortable with the outcome.
Structured payout will give you a portion, then the rest will pay you a quarterly interest for generations.  Your new job description is philanthropy and deciding who is worthy of the blessing and changing lives one at a time.  A lot of what I thought that I would do - runs veterans organization - I will not hire others to do and I will oversee them.  

Sue and Yosef have plans on how to do that.  The Big Call will continue.  Probably only once per week and not at night, depending on what time zone I am in.  We don't know the format just yet.  We will have an incredible future together.

At exchange center - take a deep breath before going in.
Bring 2 forms of photo ID, and a utility bill or cell phone bill, something that shows you are a real person.  We will put out the 800#, but NOT email it to you.
We may have a link on our TheBigCall.net with a short celebration call, 800## and short note from Yosef.  

When you dial 800# they will ask your name, zip code, if you have zim, tell them that as your first currency so that they can place you to a specific redemption center.  

When you give that basic information, they will be searching on you to pre-qualify you to make sure that you are not a terrorist, or enemy of the state. when you show up and give them the final information - do NOT give your social security number over the phone - but you may have to give it in person.  

Many will exchange into a trust or LLC with an EIN already set up and you may not have to give your SS#, but I don't know.  Security will be by air and ground.
They are on heightened alert for this event.

End of Intel

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