Thursday, August 18, 2016


Kermit53:  Don't shoot the Messenger

[8:40:15 PM] : from another room this was just posted

[7:42 PM] : Fisher just said, "The 800 numbers were released to Intel providers about two hours ago, enough said..
RTCall was still on at 2:30am EST

Fisher has just said if they do not do it by 3am *
(FYI - FULL MOON was @ 5:26 am EST - )
then we have to wait until tomorrow evening

* meaning 2nite - when NY markets closes.

He was asked if it would drag into the weekend,
and he said absolutely not.

The 800#'s have been released to the key intel
providers. They have the numbers now/tonight.

Q - Do you think within 24 hours

A- Fisher, YES, is very confidant it will.

Fisher also said Bruce has 0800#

Osmosis:  Fisher is very confiden

Kermit53:  It appears they were given instructions along with the 800#'s. We can only assume that they were told to release at a pre-determined time.


Fisher:Aug17 2016 Wed. Night …intel starts at about 140 minutes ,https://www.freeconferencecallhd.com/playback/?n=DeFL7/j6NWz

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