Monday, August 1, 2016



FISHER: but I think that may be a message that applies to currency holders without ZIM. In addition. Bond guys expect to be liquid with their bonds soon after everything else goes, and have been told by Monday August 1st  

FISHER:  I feel that there really isn't any more intel that matters at this time, other than the toll free numbers themselves. I personally have enough to digest for now and am optimistically, realistically, and whole heartedly expecting to have redemptions to sometime this weekend. I do have one report that says we won't be redeeming until Monday or Tuesday,  

FISHER:  When that meeting let's out, we were told it would go.(this was the G3, it let out at 11am EDT) The rates from the last sitrep were again confirmed, accept for the Afghani, which was off by 50 cents. Large holders of ZIM (over a quad) will be redeeming in private VIP locations, where I'm told we'll be treated like royalty, for lack of a better term. I've also been told that these appointments will get first priority for timing and amenities.  

FISHER:  We were waiting for the Tier 3 redemptions and PAYMASTERS to be liquid-that is done. The New Republic Treasury has been meeting since 9:30 AM to firm up last minute protocols.

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