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Since January of 1991 (Operation Desert Storm) and its outcome on Kuwait.

And then watching how some of my town folks in Puerto Rico who were in fact in that war and its revaluation got very rich with the Kuwait dinar ( something that was bought at .05 to .10 cents, and when things stabilized and the National Bank of Kuwait open its doors again, people just got rich at a reinstall rate of 3.64.
And then years later during  the 42 President it MANAGED to revalue at a very high price.

I remember speaking to a gentleman involved and he said, " You wanted to know what I gain with the Kuwaiti dinar, but if you are smart don't focus on this, focus on what I will gain with the Iraqi part of the war for they are next. "
Well I focused since that day on keeping an eye open to when this new currency was to arise. And I have been at this since then and guess what the currency did arise, first exotic and now as a tradable currency pending going international.

grasped at the Biblical part of Babylon (Iraq) being reconstructed and the blessings that will be to all who participate and there generations thereof and I encourage 600 of my new dinar friends ( which now are 1,900,000 and counting in the Christian/ Catholic Nation of Puerto Rico) to do so as well.

We talked about helping our fellow men with economical and health issues. I had hopes at the time to help a few folks close to me that had cancer both economically and health wise ( they all are gone now, including a girlfriend ) but there are so many that I can still reach and help.
I then came to write in America, so I polished up on my old  New York English that I had not used in over 35 years and just did that until this day.
My mission was to bring not only hope to the people of America, but maintaining the faith ( for I know for a fact, like everything God sends there were to be obstacles from the devil and his kind ) and that is something that I will maintain no matter who, what or whomever doesn't wish for it to be so,

I will with God Jehová before me continue to give out the news that are up till this day and if some don't like that to be so, then you really have a problem and that is not with me or with Jehová, the issues is within you (so seek help ) or simply stop reading.
Now there are 28,000,000 Americans and counting who do know who I am and who have written or spoken to me ( things like when this is done tell me where I can lend a hand, "I want to do just like you said, take of my shoes put on my sandals like Jesus and  go personally and help " ).
This my friends has been said of Bluwolf ( he has been straight forward since day one, he has been there for me when I needed a hand, he has not change his philosophy and his thoughts when it comes to his mission in life, he has never taken any advantage of anyone or anything, he has never talked bad about anyone, he is not or will never be a scammer and he has always been truthful till this day.) those are the thoughts of many and I personally thank them for their kindness towards me. I remember saying over 4 years back )
"Remember that when the time comes to this revaluations, there will be a lot of disinformation , a lot of misinformation, a lot of scammers and a lot of people to criticize those that speak the truth " ), well guess what I reckon that , that time is officially here cause we are seeing that just right now.
I have seen Christians swearing like the devil, quiet people going into rages, people that don't even know you or cross paths with you barking at you for no known reason. People trying to eliminate you just for being who you are and for DOING THE RIGHT THING.
But guess what Bluwolf has been the same then and he will be the same now and that my friends says a lot of the individual. I honestly pray that all of you can hold on to this blessing and follow through, then all my hard work would of not been done in vain , for see God needs each and every one of you 100% and He has been testing you since your day one and He already knows which one of you will follow through.

We are more or less over 200 million rightful dinar holders worldwide

( I did say rightful right ) and that makes does who use to manhandle us as slaves OUTNUMBERED. My father and your fathers always use to say, " Son if something seems to good to be true, then it most certainly is, stay away from it for if you don't it will  come back and hurt you. "
There is something like that in the mist and I do advise any of you  not to follow or fall into this simply incredible scheme. For this is the bad guys last chance to scheme and steal all your currencies and your new born wealth.
See because they know that they cannot steal from you the conventional way ( because they are being watched and will be incarcerated, so why not become there friends , motivate them, lure them in, get the or hit the greedy aspect of their souls, enslave them to many years serving and by then and in course rip them off legally for all that they may have ( and guess what? No one will know that these bad gems were ever there ) YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED… DO NOT FALL FOR THIS !
With that said I want all to know that God Jehová ( Jehová in Spanish, Jehovah to the west, just in case.) willing we are just but an instance away in receiving this blessing no matter what , who or whomever they say.

Na'maste, Happy Journeys, God bless all Bluwolf

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