Sunday, August 21, 2016


Bluwolf:  8-21-16 UPDATE
The geopolitical spectrum in the United States is the cause of all worldwide economical delays. Both your current government, and the distasteful choices for president,  have delayed things even more.
Now all the countries of the 204 to revalue and receive the GCR are now demanding from this makeshift nation to do good by its people and the people of the world.
They are now on a time frame. Seems that he that thought he was the most powerful has now met up with the real world... they are just one out of the 204 - plain and simple.
The corporaton is now a thing of the past, but there is a problem with the individuals who are withholding the REPUBLIC TAKEOVER of America. Everybody knows about it, it is just them in the government who think that we don't know anything about it.
My question to you is - what will you do when this information does hit the prime light?
As for our GCR and blessing - it is just minutes away, no matter what they think or say.
The time to speak out has arrived, and it is my time to do so. Many will follow, and those that are the ones that need to come forward, not only for the nation but for the humanity and the entire world.

See you at the bank.   Na'maste    Bluwolf

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