Thursday, August 18, 2016


Demcoit:  Bank story - DO YOU HAVE DINAR?
This story blew me away and the first time they have verified banking training of exchange for the dinar

The story goes like this. I had to cash a check at TD Bank.  I asked the teller if he could check the dong rate for me.  he said are you buying or selling? I said selling if the price is right, I always carry 500k dong just in case I get the opportunity.

While he was checking a young guy one teller over OUT LOUD ASKED IF I HAVE DINAR? My mouth was like WWWWAAAAAAAA! I said yes lots of both why you ask?

He said well you know that WF was training 300 employees getting them ready for the dinar exchange and shortly after their training most of them bought the dinar but had to leave their positions. I said really how LW ago was this?

He said last week! I asked how he knew this info and he said he had friends that were involved in it. So I asked when are they expecting the dinar to go? He said according to his friends very soon and that's why they all purchased dinar and quit. 

Demcoit:  So after I thought about this it makes you wonder. How does a young man teller about 25 years old shout out do you have dinar. He said as innocent as can be but wasn't ready for all my knowledge on this topic.

I asked him if he followed anything on the Internet and he said no that he didn't know they have internet sites for info. The reason was to verify that it wasn't coming from a hype or Internet site he read. 

We are close and I'm excited.

after I told my brother he called our WM AND SHARED THE STORY. The manager setup an appointment for us next week to discuss what our plan is. Now if you don't get excited and as I'm typing this the WM IS CALLING US. 
Good Luck all I will report back

just got off the phone and it is set for Monday 10am est time. mind you they know exactly what we have and want. 


In TNT Chat:  Chat:

Demcoit:  Bank meeting Monday 10am just got off phone with WM

This is no bs we specifically stated what we have and how much currency. We are not the type to waste our time on empty conversation so for them to call us back and make an appointment is huge!!!!

I'll know monday he never denied anything and mind you he called us back with an appointment

Patricia1:  Dem My TD bank told us to go to an old American Express office as they could not handle. So good for you!!!

Demcoit:  Yes the TD said they wouldn't exchange low amounts must be high holders we have lots but this is not a TD BANK MEETING ITS WITH WF

Demcoit:  I'm so freaking excited I can barely stand it. We are discussing attire, going to our banks and getting our currency. Tonight we are going to discuss how to handle the conversation of the meeting.

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