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Awake in 3D Call Notes, 21 AUGUST

Kermit53:  Awake in 3D Call Notes Aug 20, 2016
Process is happening. Some exchanges have taken place starting nine days ago. This has been confirmed.
Existing notification process is complete except for one thing to be done. This has to do with an event that creates the gold-backed USN (United States Treasury Notes).
Event is in several steps, with a hierarchy. Until that happens, exchanges cannot start.
Everything is in readiness. Any credible info source has been shut down, intel has gone black, but the process is NOT derailed.

Last week I was pretty bloody confident that last weekend was our last broke weekend, but guess what? I was wrong.
It is happening. We have to get comfortable with waiting for the final step. All I can say is the process has started, but it hasn't happened yet.
Caller: I feel Tuesday is an important day.
A3D: I like Tuesday
I have no direct confirmation that any SKRs have been made liquid. I do have confirmation that certain sovereign bonds at the diplomatic level have gone liquid, although this has not occurred at the individual bond holder level. While paymasters are liquid, they do not have authorization to release funds.
The main event on our side is the collaterization of the dollar with gold. That needs to happen before exchanges will start.
I do not believe the authors of the plan (AOP) are just sitting around waiting for the October 1 date when the yuan becomes part of the SDR. When there are no more issues, it can go.
Caller: I have had prophetic dreams in that past. The last two or three nights I have had dreams of being in a post-RV life.
Commencement of the RV is not waiting for banking crisis. Banks have been in dire straights for a long time. There is no collateral in the banking system. It is not really connected with the decision IMO to release the exchange procedures for us. We need the dollar to be collateralized.
Banking rules changed (note: under Bill Clinton) and banks have been doing all kinds of risky things. When Basel IV shows up, containing all kinds of good stuff, banks will be severely restricted in what they can and cannot do. It really clamps down on this derivatives-type activity. It will make FOREX a pretty boring place.
More and more experts are talking about the need to have asset-backed currencies worldwide in order to achieve economic growth and stability. 
I hope I don't have to do another one of these calls. I am trying to keep people grounded and informed.
Caller: Is the election a factor?
A3D: When the U.S. has its own sovereign currency, you have cut the head off the snake (the Fed). At that point things can happen. We are not waiting for Hillary Clinton to be arrested or indicted for this to happen.
Caller: Corruption is so deep here, I don't see how this can happen. It seems hopeless.
A3D: The Fed is the king of the global central banking system. These are private banks. There are specific families that own the Federal Reserve. We all know who they are. What gives them this power? It is their control over the world's financial system. Once you remove their control over the money supply, you have removed their power. The GCR cannot happen until the USN is there. 
China cannot force it. The USN has to be there. All eyes are on the United States.
A3D Part II
To me, the definition of "liquid" is you can go out and spend it. Then there is the word "hydrated". That is a good description of what has happened in the last two weeks.
Caller: Can you talk about Iranian currency?
A3D: No contact has ever mentioned the Iranian rial. It may be part of some subsequent adjustment. I have no knowledge of anyone saying they will be accepting Iranian rial.
Caller: Can they just keep putting this off? Did China offer gold to back the U.S. dollar?
A3D: The gold was offered, the gold was delivered. The event that connects the gold to the dollar is what we are waiting for. The sticking point, if you will, is the the Federal Reserve/banking system network that controls the banking system. We need their central banking infrastructure. So they still have some "say". It we were to go by logic, we would be done by now. The collateralization of the dollar is a decision of the Treasury. 
Caller: Is the USN connection to gold a legality?
A3D: Everything has to be legal, beyond reproach. The recognition of the USN as the sovereign currency of the U.S. is a legal issue which has to be done very carefully. USN will be what you have in your wallet. It will still be called the U.S. dollar, but it will be asset-backed. The difference is between a Federal Reserve Note and a Treasury Note. This is what is going to change. The currency will be issued by the U.S. Treasury.

Caller: Executive Order re: Treasury?
A3D: Connection to the GCR is a conspiracy theory. This happens every time there is a presidential transition.
Caller: Is there any way they can keep holding this off?
A3D: Good question. Debt is spinning out of control, banks are in precarious condition, global financial system is vulnerable to collapse, entire global economy could implode. Nobody wants this to happen, including the bad guys. The collapse is about to happen, but last minute negotiations are taking place. We are very close, closer than we have ever been. It IS going to happen, it HAS to happen to prevent a global economic catastrophe.
Caller: Is there agreement on the details of the new system?
A3D: Everyone agrees there has to be a new system because the old system is going to implode. The new systewm has to be asset-backed, but the infrastructure is still needed.

Caller: Is there a power struggle?
A3D? If you mean are there negotiations? ... I would have to say yes. If the present system collapses, those in power have nothing to have power over. The baby has to come out. If the present system collapses, the new system could be brought in as a replacement, but it would be very messy. It would be much preferable to get the new system installed before the collapse.
Caller: Chinese yuan going in SDR basket Oct 1 - will it be gold-backed?
A3D: It appears to be true that the yuan will be gold-backed, but one can find no proof of this in writing. If the yuan is GB with intrinsic value, and the others are not, there would be serious imbalances. I'm not sure you can say that it cannot go beyond Oct 1 on the public side.
I still hear six zeroes coming off the zim.
If you want the project rates and they are available, you should mention helping/growing the local economy and creating jobs. 
Caller: about gold backing U.S. dollar/ asset-backed currencies worldwide
A3D: The gold is already in place in various countries around the world. All countries that are part of the gold treaty have accepted gold for backing their currency. The gold in the U.S. needs to be recognized as backing the dollar. That is what we are waiting for.
Caller: If I go to a bank other than WF, am I really dealing with WFB for contract rates?
A3D: No getting around the fact that WFB is the lead bank in this event. Other banks will turn currency over to WFB for remission to country of origin. IMO - WF will have nothing to do with contract rates at other banks. Bank is just a facilitator.
Caller: There was a report recently that USNs were active?
A3D: That is not correct.

Caller: Why has that not happened?
A3D: It is a very complicated process, hundreds of gears have to mesh. Example - Abbot Downing matter - something came up, had to be addressed. Now we look around, see if everything else is ready. Once gold is accepted as collateral for the U.S. dollar, the notification process will start and cannot be stopped. Banks are chomping at the bit for this to happen.
The only way we will know USNs are active is when notifications start.
Private side needs to be almost fully complete before public side begins and public change happens before our eyes. What connects public and private side is the impending collapse of the financial system. IF the collapse occurs, that will have to bring in the GCR.
We need to be done before the public exchanges start. It (GCR) has to happen one way or another. We want it to happen the first way, and we need to have the USN to allow it to happen. Nobody wants to see it happen as a consequence of a global collapse of the financial system.
If you do not have a trust already created, they will create a fiduciary account for you in which to place your funds until you have your own trust.
Banks are not running this. They are just facilitators. They have been given instructions. The U.S. Treasury is deeply involved in this.
We're in a good place. Let's see what Monday brings.

3:35 PM PDT CC ended

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