Tuesday, July 12, 2016



ATLbelle: Frank26 says we are in code red, but he doesn't ever do dates or rates.

Frank26 is  saying that they are about to introduce plastic, then raise the value and THEN stop the auctions. At that point, we may see an RV. I am on the call and that is ALL Frank26 is saying.

Delta is saying that the IMF is putting the pressure on Iraq, due to the loans Iraq wishes to get from the IMF…. they have approved the loans, but to actually get the $, they must raise the value.

 Delta "believes" due to the information presented tonight, he feels they are going to do this within a month, in his opinion. "really very close" "high high alert, code red"

TigerPrincess:; Frank said in his opinion, the auctions should stop in two weeks.......that's what I got out of it...fwiw……. when they stop using other currencies...i.e. the auctions, that's when they will revalue their own...

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