Saturday, July 23, 2016



Rocker66:  For those that are interested and Bill will bring in, the first step of the process of funding did end today. It is on to the next which I hope includes the groups like the internet

Jed54:  Rocker, how long do you think it will be before the rest of us get to be funded? Best guess?

Rocker66: I don't know and have never professed to know timing but with this done one can sort of sketch out a timeline. Either late tonight or tomorrow, we will have word of the proposed timeline. If it can be shared, Bill will be able to

Rocker66 : The other thing is Super P's were funded Tuesday and have a 72 hour strike price to set and then funded. So, this falls in line with bonds and currency

Rocker66:  Zim was given the go ahead today but I do not think that has started based off of some information we received

Gnosis:   what was completed today?

Rocker66:  gnosis, it appears all groups with SKR's were funded. However, that does not mean the individual Sellers within the groups are ALL liquid yet. Some are

Kermit53:  Interesting that we are hearing a lot more of the Zim exchanges and almost nothing about other currencies

Rocker66:   Kermit, 10 days ago the others started to become liquid. Bill has independent information of that.

Gnosis:  so with end of SKR groups are we next in line?  or is someone else in front of us?

Soupkettle:  Rocker...and liquid means they NOW....RIGHT NOW have spendable cash?

Rocker66: Liquid only means one thing which is you can take your card and go to the ATM. Liquid but not released is an oxymoron

Scotchie:  Awake-in-3D was om Gerry's call today, and one thing that was professed was:::GERRY: YES, NO ONE GET PAID UNTIL EVERYONE GETS PAID.

Rocker66 :   Scotchie, it is factually incorrect

TerryMac:  As per Awake-in3D:SKR accounts are FULLY funded. Paymaster needs authorization from Gov. to release those funds and make them CA$H accessible. GREAT NEWS: SKRs funded -We will be funded NEXT and no one gets CA$H access until we have all exchanged -What could be more fair ?

Rocker66:  Ok, I was just popping in. Moving forward, please read my information as the state of affairs as I know it. I am not here to convince anyone of a timeline or believe what I post. I don't know the others like Awake so can't respond to that. I am keeping the room abreast of what I know because I told Bill I would. Take it, leave it but we hope for the best

Rocker66:  This is not a me against those that believe otherwise. Take it with descernment and vet it with your own contacts or information

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