Thursday, July 21, 2016


Pavy:  ROCKER any good news u can share

Sleekrose:  Rocker66, No one seems to have captured your earlier comments. Would you be so kind as to give a brief synopsis.

Rocker66:  Yes, the roll out has begun and SKR's are the first part of it. Those should be done the next few days


Rocker66 : Ok everyone, here is the deal with the Sept/Oct date or whatever outside date there is from the time groups go. So, when reading dates, please keep in mind the following: The Sept/Oct date may in fact be true but for the "public" rate change.

When hearing this stuff they need to at least have the ability to know there is the private side to this and a public side to this

Again, I do believe it will take 6 weeks to clear all level of groups prior to the "public" having access to it. So, dates like that can be true

The speculation part has always been whether this all goes at once for groups start first. It became very clear yesterday the roll out is to get the SKR's liquified and move to the other Tiers.

 I think it is more probable to see a short window of being liquid from SKR's to Tier 3 groups. Not sure the public side is high on the list

With this roll out, there are even various levels of SKR's

Pete : Rocker - thanks for contributing. How many tiers and where do we, the so-called "internet group" fit?

Rocker66 :  Pete, the "internet group" will get the 800's and then go.

Sleekrose:  Rocker66, Is the Wells Fargo Group considered a Private Group?

Rocker66: yes

Splash:  Rocker are we exchanging to fiat, digital or Goldback?

Rocker66:  the asset backed software is live as of Saturday

Pavy:  Rocker what tier is next

Rocker66:  Pavy, SKR's seemed to be the first part of the roll out as this has been confirmed with liquidity

Rocker66:  The SKR's should be done by Friday and then the next Tier is Private Groups without SKR's WF, received an internal memo to start That was received today….. across the board confirmations of liquidity today

Pavy : Rocker are we considered a private group ( us internet folks )

Rocker66 : Pavy, you are ...but it is a Tier 3 group

Everything other than public will go before internet group. However, the spread of time is not wide.....The roll out yesterday started with SKR's so next up is private not SKR groups This should give us a relative timeline

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