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MissKitty05:  Bruce: on Sunday they were celebrating all over Iraq. They did show a new rate that was effective and showed that the currency revalued. It occurred in many regions .... rate was rising

Cards have been charged for about a week with 3 weeks of back pay. The point is they went ahead and did it.

We were looking for dinar to return to previous levels i.e around 3.20-3.22 or higher in country.

They have oil and diamonds in Iraq and mountains of gold... plenty of assets.

All currencies in the world are on a new system now ... new banking system (CIPS) has been active for 4-5 days.... SWIFT is still operating in some countries. Transactions are transparent. Where some large traunches were attempted they had some difficulty getting thru.

All taken care of now. CIPS is working beautifully.

MissKeiiy05:  Bruce call cont.......GCR and gold back currency system is ina pice of legislation (the Global Climate Treaty). This was passed by all 205 nations that had to sign off. That Treaty was enacted last night at 11;30 pm pacifis time as Bruce understands it.
Do we have our RV? Yes. It took place for us on July 7th, we believe. Everything that needed to be done in certain parts of the country were done.

Major funding has been wired and received and is in accounts ready to be used. Some funds in these accounts can be seen but some cannot yet be used even tho the funds are visible.

That's b/c funds inplace for humanitarian projects can't be touched until we receive our 800#.

Have been major administrative holds in effect (some with up to 40 working parts) have been released. Some still need to be released. Timing looks excellent for next 24 hours.
IHO, when all admin holds are released Bruce thinks we should be good to go.

Banks are ready. WF has been doing conf calls with major banks around the world.
There are still meetings goin on but the banks themselves are making slight adjustments themselves, moving personnel etc even now at off site exchange centers

There's a lot of activity going on... a higher level of security than before... have tripled security in some places.

It's coming but slowly. There is a sequence of events. There are a number of currencies in the first basket. Each one of those 5 currencies had to be linked to its countries central bank thru the CIPS system. We were waitng for this last week but it is now complete.

We know the zim is a bond .. great value and is being treated specially for purpose of our exchange. One reason value is so high is that it is essentially being treated as the currency for all of Africa ...a continent rich in resources.

There are opportunities for the zim based on all of the resources that back it up. Zim holder will have priority appointment if you wish.

There are 4 different rate structures. What was called "sovereign" is a privatly negotiable rate which has meaning for those with domestic or international humanitarian projects. So if that is your intention, let the exchange people know ... bullet point outline is good or some written synopsis about your projects

Take 3 copies of your humanitarian project ... so you can have a copy and give copies to others. Practice taking about your project before you go.

All we are waiting for is to have the last administrative holds removed and just get the 800's and email notifications

If he gets the 800s he will put it out on a prerecorded call and Kent will put it on the front page of the bigcall.net. Yosof will also have a message

He believes we are so close .. be prepared. Every indication is that b/c of the Global Climate Treaty being signed and b/c the TRNs and USN are live ... we are soooooo close. Highly expectant

At exchange: need 2 pic IDs, something showing your residence address (utility bill etc), receipts for currency (but don't pull them out unless asked). You will work with 2 or maybe 3 people during the exchange. They'll run your social security number, verify and count your currency, go thru the rates and then later discuss structured payouts, skeleton trust, interest payments etc

May also get a credit or debit card and may be able to get some new USN cash at the exchange.... shrink wrapped in limited quantities

After that bank will be talking to you about some of the perks you may be entitled to as a customer of the bank

After that bank will be talking to you about some of the perks you may be entitled to as a customer of the bank

May want one account for each type of currency you have if you have a lot.... not necessary if you have a small amount.

You will set up appointments will wealth managers in next week or so after exchange

Exchange could take anywhere from 40 minutes to over 3 hours ... depends on you and what you want to accomplish at the exchange

Wear something nice to the exchange!!!

This is the end of "intel"  Bruce sounds excited.

The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456


Mangelo:  Now I understand why they were celebrating on the call the other day! That's why my cousins friends where excited in Iraq!

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