Thursday, July 28, 2016


Dr. Mark: Regarding the group discussion I have no idea. However, logic would dictate that "if" it were true that the banks need and want our currencies then they would want us in as soon as possible.

 2. If the banks, as we have been told, are going to make additional monies over and above the exchange rates negotiated with us then again, it would make sense that they would want us in earlier rather than later.

3. Can the banks afford to wait and make millions now and have greater liquidity or do they want to wait? So Mr. Banker...how soon do you want me to exchange...now, or later? I think we all know that answer!!

The private groups are just that. Private and pre-negotiated so those redemptions will happen quick. But there is still a HUGE amount of money in the internet based population that the banks want and, the banks know this.

Personally, my opinion is we will not wait for the public side as we have knowledge, communication, and currency!!! IMO

MGR:  Dr Mark, with all the derivatives some of the monster banks have i wonder if they could get compliant with the new standards that will come with being gold backed. This may be why they are fighting this all the way.

Dr. Mark:   MGR: The derivative issue is a big one for sure and cannot be ignored. I believe we will know that story Friday night when London releases their EU banking report on where the banks sit with regards to risk. Deutsche and the big Italian bank for sure. If Deutsche falls then the finanacial world as we know it wil topple and trillions will evaportate instantly and bank accounts will be impacted. Let's see what tomorow night brings!!


Dr. Mark:  Elmer just made a great point. If banks are incurring negative interest the depositors are obviously not making any money. In fact, they are paying for the bank to hold their monies. How much does the bank make? No clue, but they are not making any gains because whatever liquidity they have they are investing in what.....derivatives??? ha ha NOT! The issue is liquidity, derivative exposure, and interest rates (or lack therof).   (See TNT)
The last thing the world wants is a run on some of the largest and oldest banks in the world. Pressure is beyond high!!

Piper19j:  I think the big announcement tomorrow by Japan is that Japan will go gold backed

Dr. Mark:  Agreed. That is another consideration in the network of central banks looking for solutions. Nice move! Gold good, and the QE move, athough it does create more liquidity...it does make things more expensive....what's that called? Oh ya, INFLATION!

Piper19j: Dr. Mark....inflation for them not us …. we have the currency…. Remember when China said that if the US keeps up the crap they would go gold backed and we said that would be an act of war. Well if Japan go gold backed that lets them off the hook

Dr. Mark:  correct. But remember, when a country devalues "their" currency against ours then exports (from Japan in this instance) are cheaper for that country and bolsters their international trade. That's why Jack Lew gets so upset when China decreases the value of the Yuan and makes their "exports" cheaper shifting the business toward China and what he feels is an inappropriate trade advantage

Piper19J:  China told the IMF that they are playing by their 'IMF' rules and will not devalue their currency

Dr. Mark:  Piper, that must be a new commitment because if you look at their charts of currency historically that doesn't play out. Maybe they are now playing by the rules. Time and truth go hand in hand!

BeagleEyes:  The Russian signed a contract with China for oil at $6.00 per barrel. That would under mine our prices and would also cause a devaluation in the USD

Piper19j:  Russia just signed a deal with China for heavy OIL at $6 a barrel. What do you think??

Beagleeyes:  To undermine the USA

Dr. Mark:  Uh Oh! Did that signing just happen today?

Piper19j:  Dr. M yesterday

Dr. Mark:  My other question then would be....was the transaction in Yuan/Ruble?

Beagleeyes:  DrMark: I don't know but I would guess yuan as the Chinese gold exchange is using the yuan.

Dr. Mark:  Bottom line....it was not in the petrodollar........OUCH! (wink)

Piper19j:  we are at the END i believe

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