Monday, July 25, 2016



Zimmer:  About a month ago or so I was talking with my loan officer about GCR and this wasn't the first time I've tried to convince her about buying foreign currency.  She's still not convinced about it.  

Anyway, during this lengthy dialog I said "I bet you have some new US treasury notes in your vault and you were probably told not to talk about it".  

She was nodding her head yes in agreement but when I made the remark about its supposed to be confidential, she immediately changed her demeanor to the tone of something like, yes we've heard about that.

So, it went from me catching her off guard and agreeing with me, confirming to what I'm talking about, to backing off and giving a neutral non agreement answer.  

To me, that day, was my own confirmation about the new US notes. We've been told before on numerous calls about the reality of them and their existence.

I'm just an average person without contacts or guru status so I can't/don't bring any Intel to the masses, its a true story and I wanted to share it.

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