Friday, July 22, 2016



Blackeyepea:  You all get that Sept Oct foolishness out your mind..

Melsivet:  At lot of information coming in the last few days BEP..it would seem that Sept/Oct is foolishness...

Blackeyepea:  They are running out of time and.only.one.solution!!

Blackeyepea:  Whoever is saying Sept Oct maybe they can exchange then, the rest of us will take July!

Blackeyepea:  Start looking at facts and not so much what someone is saying……The facts are we are a hair from this all exploding..they have to do it!!

UncleBig:  Can you lay some facts on me BEP

Blackeyepea:  Bonds Bonds Bonds…. Iko touched on it Tuesday

Oscar:  BEP back in the spring when July came up people said no way- so at this point who knows when it might happen- thank you for your input

Blackeyepea:  Oscar the bond issue cant possibly.survive until.Sept..impossible….. Neither IMO will the other countries keep the musical chairs up

Blackeyepea:  Ley me say this…..y ou are in the best possible position… No one has the figured but what we do know is we are closer than.close..all kinds of money has been moving and guess who that is for??.

BlackeyePea:  Whether myself, Gerry, Iko, Awake , we all have a piece..not the whole puzzle..but the piece we do have says IMMINENT..not much intel…… I am beyond.excited still!!! It is happening

Blackeyepea:  Hold on to your currency, your hope and have your plans together!!!

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