Sunday, July 3, 2016


Pastor John:  July reminds us that the United States is a nation that was set free from political tyranny by leaders who were willing to give their lives. A total of 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence; later, they were captured, tortured, lost wives, children, many were killed and others lost their fortunes. Their stories have often been forgotten but they were the leaders who gave us political liberty.

BeachCindy:  the news that one country RV'ed its currency is great news (Belarus, formerly part of the USSR, has revalued their currency and publicly announced it the world) ... IMO this is the beginning of the GCR and all other countries will start to fall like dominos, until all have RV'ed .. we thought it would be Iraq which dates back years ago when Iraq was the only country but now with the GCR and 209 countries, Iraq will go but does not have to be first

StarChaser:    A very-informed person who works with high level economists here in US whom deal with international economists/high level -- I'm assuming - cabinet level individuals - as to why there is not more information being allowed to reach the national, state and local media sources here in US. This person stated that high-level people were aware of the "reset' but not seeing disssemated  on down to us.

Yada:Interesting comment from the Illinois woman,,,,,,regarding the public needing to be informed of a gcr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Id say the reason the public isn't informed is there isn't any GCR in that of changing currency to asset backed etc,,,   Starchaser,,,as I stated,,it is not happening as the chatter in dinar land proposes

DaytonDiva:  GM everyone i came on yesterday and told you that my friend has bellarus currency so we go to the bank and was told it was not an rv but a redomination that was Done so they were going to swap out the bills for the new ones…. I will check tuesday and go to another bank with a currency desk.

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