Sunday, July 24, 2016


Yada:  I shared this on om last night,,,,if the GCR is to take place before the RV,,,,there will be a drag on our economy,,,why? because if money has to be asset backed before
released, then the current economy will slow down to match the speed of the creation of additional assets,,,therefore,,,,,expecting the RV of the dinar first, the other countries to adjust their values based on the dinar,,and then maybe there may be a GCR,,,,,but when ever,, there will be a drag on the economy because of that

Idc:  Yada I belive that was part of the original design, I mean the slow down...

Yada:  Idc,,the world economies are already slowed down to just above recession,,I really do not see the asset back issue will be before the RV,,

Emon:    yada, what would be the odds of that happening? ?? to be honest logic hasn't been a factor in this. Just sayn. The things that make sense never happens

DTaylor:  emon, there is nothing about this that makes any sense, that's way they call it speculation and we don't tell people, on the chance we here the "S" word...........for me it is 13303, and "W" said the war would be paid for.........dollars only for sure

Yada: emon,,,so,,they are saying to save the bond market,, a change in the values would be their saving grace,,,,,going asset back will limit commerce because they'd have to wait for more asset bases,,,,,,,,plus the whole purpose of being stealth with the release is so it doesnt current commerce so there are accounting rules still being observed ,,

DTyler: Perhaps, The reason Iraq can go Basil III quickly and be the basis of all this.... is because the USGS did a thorough study of the wealth of Iraq that would allow them to justify a huge increase over the Saddam Dinar prior to the forced devaluation


Traderv:  You asked for truth and here it is. No one has exchanged for cash, they exchanged for SKR or contract or both. Did they get cash? That's none of anyones business as it's private.

Now for the rest of us. We are in the public domain. If you don't have a legit contract, and have been vetted you are public. No such thing as internet group. Now how about the 800 #'s?

Well according to white hat sources that have been correct up until this point, the public roll out HAS YET to be determined, so anyone giving you a list is not doing you any justice.
This is the truth in a nutshell. You want hopium, stick around dinarland.

Ecc1519:  Remember, I don't think anyone such as banks or exchange centers can redeem any Dinars if they have given SKR's etc. So even they are waiting for complete, public roll out

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