Friday, July 29, 2016



Lehneke:  How are we looking as far as the RV? Anyone have any suspicions?

MelloMel1962:  Any day now

Yada:  Agreed MelloMell

Robert001:  Jog below,wrote that the Rofino bank in Iraq in now international ( he said it was rumored as such ) any info on that ????

Yada:  Robert they've been international close to 2 months now.

Robert001:  Oh,, I did not know,, but then the rates are not revised as yet. Is that correct.

Yada:  That is what is frustrating some people because they expected the change right away. But the status had to be showing before the IMF moved with the loan….It would be like getting your plate prepared before u load it with food. It is ready loaded. Now grace is almost done for us to dig in….We are looking for the amen this weekend.

Robert001:  Got my fork and plate ready

Yada:  What I like is the desert….remember how we had to eat all our food for desert? The desert will be all the benefits of having done all the set up of trust foundations investments and being able to enjoy life.

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