Thursday, July 28, 2016


Catwoman1:  any updates Elmer?

ElmerF123456:  All I will say is I'm liking the next 48-72 hours. There are many interesting things happening and all in our favor. Prayers for Okie he is not feeling very well and prayers for all of us to get off this ride ! I like things I'm seeing.

Each and every one of you would been on this ride and who Have endured, read all of the information both good, bad and indifferent... You have not done so in vain! You have the champions heart and soon you will bear the armor that rewards your stand!

No hype. Info is good. I can't predict finish. I only like the components of the info! Timelines have not been our friends and has cause so much emotions. But I like what's going on…. so we stand READY. We stand STEADY… but WE STAND FIRM and not divided!

I don't always talk unless there is something to say but I'm always near. Thanks for thinking about me! The world ugliness is showing up now as we were told it would before our blessing. BIG SMILES EVERYONE!

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