Saturday, July 23, 2016


AlLonghorn:  China told the IMF that is was going gold back and the start date is Oct. 1
If China goes gold back in all transactions, then no body will ever want the USD again because there is nothing behind it. Then everything will have to become gold backed.

FloridaK:  Hello everyone. I am reading what was said. Can I ask this question. If China goes gold back Oct. 1, does that mean we will not RV until then?

AlLonghorn:  Florida K No it does not mean that at all. If China goes gold back, then my understanding is there will be a major shift globally and the RV will be necessary.

Yada:  Florida,many in here would say the Dinar is waiting on the Asset backed status but Im not buying that,,the RV has nothing to do with asset backed,,,,,,,,imo

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