Saturday, July 16, 2016



Late Friday Night:

Rover:  How is my TNT Family? Hello everyone..It's been a while since I have posted..I will pass on some info I just received..As Ray and Tony said..Be ready so you do not have to get ready..Iraq has gone international and all other sites except the Wolf Den and this site has gone down..and that is very strange..

I can not say anything else I received but..Please pray that this is the time...

All I wish to bring in is please be ready..Have your plan and make Da.. sure what trust you wish to use to protect your money..I want everyone to be safe and have a long life...that is why I share...

Kaseyko1:  Rover, thanks for the tidbit! When I spoke with my attorney the other day, he indicated that some "whale" clients received notification for exchange. He did not indicate what date but that "we were here" at seeing the RV.

Artneto:  Honestly, I was very surprised that we did not wake to 800#. Then I heard that they were waiting for banks to close in Hawaii. That was an hour and half ago. So news that we will see it tomorrow!! Im excited!    I think this is finally it!

kaseyko1 : Artneto, I sure hope what you've heard pans out for tomorrow! Thanks for all the info you've provided.

Artneto : kaseyko it was ripe yesterday, but i"ll take it today!

Artneto : My cousin was in Turkey when the coup took place. He said that the military were marching (that was his word) around the airport. He knew something was about to happen. He boarded his plane before the news hit.

luvwulfs : I saw a report that coup was crumbling

Artneto L Luvs not sure what is happening as I am not following the Turkey news. But can you imagine one of our military branches storming the White House! super crazy stuff going on around the globe!

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