Saturday, July 16, 2016



Gasman:  any RV info today?

Seabreeze:  all intel providers pretty much saying we are just waiting....anytime now....like a long wait in the delivery room waiting for the baby to arrive.

Daz :  we are are just waiting on "them" to release it to "us"....thats it. so its in our best interest at this time to relax, remain calm and use our time wisely to prepare our minds and plans so that we can act in an efficient manner when our time arrives...simple as that

Mangelo :  yesterday I cleaned up my closets. got rid of a lot of things...... today is re-arranging my bedroom.....since I know everything is done...all we have to do is wait for the release of the 800#'s

Ecubucs :  It's All done but the cry'n it seems... It's simply a Timing Thing from everywhere my news comes from.

Yada: Here is the reason why we are expectant,,the IMF gave the loan money to Iraq because the met the reforms needed in the country,,,the increase in the rate was part of the reforms,,the rate is up in Iraq equivalent to our $1.18,,and Ray,,stated the RV is done and we are in the process of it reaching in the form of increased rates,,,

Linnieq:  If the people of Iraq are happy with the financial reform to $1.18 and have now moved on to the corruption, doesn't it stand to reason that the movement of the rate to $3.71 could take forever? They are not known for getting in a hurry.

DMBentley:  lynnieg... the in country rate of $1.18 is not indicative of the international rate of exchange with other countries currencies...

Yada:  exactly dmbently,,,,their increase was an incremental one,, lynnieq,,no, we are not waiting for it to float upward,,just like they increased it from .1186 to 1.18,,it will go to $3.71,,,

Yada:  Here is what everyone gets confused,,their rate was increased to the same value as our $1.18,,that doesnt mean they are actually getting $1.18 or will actually get $3.71 when it increases for us,,it means their value has increased to the same value as our $1.18 and shortl $3.71

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