Thursday, July 14, 2016


kaseyko1 : Just heard from a source that a member of a "prosperity package group" was just put on notice for a high alert for exchange within 24-48 hrs. Hope this truly happens.
Things have sure been lining up for the RV to happen this week.!

This info is lining up with what my attorney & I discussed earlier.

kaseyko1: Has anyone heard anything about exchanges happening at casinos? A source of mine said they had heard that about a month ago. And the city that I was told some exchanges would happen at in my earlier post, El Reno, it has a big casino in the city, I find it interesting.

Artneto : Kasey I have not heard about exchanges at a casinos, but it makes sense . They have the space - banquet rooms, they have the security, and if people walk out screaming, hi-fiving, and buying drinks for everyone would not seem out of place!!

Pearle: The reforms are done...Iraq got their loan

Artneto:  Pearle I think this is REALLY our weekend!!

Mommybood:  I hope this happy momentum we are experiencing is going to go into Warp Speed today! Yessir!    It should. Haven't we passed the most monumental obstacle now? the loan? "Now do the reforms!!? i.e RV. Wish they would say RV and not 'reforms'

Natok:    if they were needing 3 day weekend-guess what- they declared Thurs a holiday (today), so Thurs, Fri, Sat is their holiday, just waiting patiently!!

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