Thursday, July 7, 2016



Luvwolfs:  It's so quiet it's eerie, pleeeeeease br the last calm before the last storm :)

Demcoit:   :...UN contact Just left meeting. says final approval was given to revalue. To come out a fixed rate and then float. ASAP. Just in was sent last night said I could share….. Wish I could just post it all but all we need to know is we are in a great place and lets keep our eye on the big group!

Demcoit:   We got this message last night take it for what it's worth. We have another one but I can't post. It runs along the same lines of what everyone is posting that after EID WE WILL MOVE FAST.

764764:  when is the last day of EID? anyone know

Airam:  Three days after the end of RAMADAN as stated by the GOI and agreed between Sunnis and Shiites…. I think is the 9th

LadyB22:  F26 says: EID is the 6th, 7th and 8th of July

Airam:  That's what I meant .....9th the end ......the 8th last day of EID AL FITR......TY lady

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