Friday, July 22, 2016



Debritt : I wonder if all these skr stories are true

Adept1 : Debritt: Actually, I had a chat with an independent source this afternoon, and he said that they (his inner circle, very highly placed) are monitoring the SKR situation very carefully. So that tells me there are SKRs, and we may well see them fully funded right about now.

Artneto : Adept - news today from many gurus said that over 20,000 SKRs have been funded - SKR funding started Wednesday and ended Thursday afternoon - yet there is some sort of hold on access - and that the funding took place in about 24 hours!! Did your sources say anything about an "internet group" going after the SKR group?

Adept1 : Art: Yes. My contact is waiting on confirmation. I suspect the big groups -- like the Admiral's group -- will go after the SKRs and then it will be our turn. That's just my view, but it makes sense to me in terms of what I hear from various directions.

Artneto : Adept I totally agree. I just want to make sure that we go after SKR, private groups and any other whales. There has been talk/rumor today that we may go with public, and no 800##. Seems ridiculous to me, but I just want to make sure that nothing has changed. I am so excited! Praying for guidance - for all of us!!

Adept1 : Art: Certainly the various sources I'm in regular contact with are still saying yes to 800 numbers and yes to the internet group going before the public can exchange.
Artneto : Adept thank you very much for confirming and sharing your information. I really appreciate it! I Believe that we are THERE!! May not get into banks until next week, but we are there. We can ALMOST touch it! I am grateful. I am expecting us to be Blessed soon.

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