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Bruce at THE BIG CALL ~ JULY 19th, 2016

If this call is picked to give out the 800 numbers we will be honored.   

We are at the end yet things going on behind the scenes.
I think recently since Thursday a lot of info that has come through.
In looking at the last day or so, knowing that we are ready from a banking point of view.  But what we are seeing, is that they are about ready to pay out the SKR's, and when the SKR's get paid out, that triggers out the rest we are waiting for, the RV, the 800 numbers. 

We came very close this morning. 

What is interesting about that, is that there are certain procedures that needed to be followed that were followed, but for some reason did not work. We did not get our Go. 

You have that happening on the one hand, then you have there was a number of people that were picked up in the middle of the night, that were involved in micro shorting currency trade.

What it amounts to is people trying to take the difference of the new and old rates. Some of this was occurring in a great way to where this was sort of an opportunity to remove some bad guys from the scene, and to let this go on without this type of activity proceeding.

This is something we don’t want some bad guys taking advantage of this new system. This was an opportunity to remove some of these bad apples from the basket. There is some clean up on aisle 3, and that is what occurred. We need to see more of that so that one button can be pushed.

There is talk this slight delay has been a result of currency trading to bring the currency up to value. 5 currencies in the first basket. We have a 2nd, 3rd, 4th basket. The currency we are looking at have been traded up and more value than they were. Maybe that is part of it, the trading to get it to the right point so that the amount of liquidity generated from these trades are adequate to supply all the redemptions that are to take place.

WE need to have enough liquidity to take care of all the exchanges and the redemption especially of the Zim dollar because it being treated as a bond.

Yosef:  There are a lot of ingredients in that salad. Lets look at the bowl. There has been a new system that has completely replaced the old system. Changed the bank software, who is in charge, who making decisions,  etc.  

What we are experiencing is the transferring of going from new system from old system. Some not too quick to turn the keys over to the new system. We are at the remanant of the old system. Old system is almost completely eliminated from the functioning background.

We are looking for the moment when the new system is the only system. We are waiting for the last complete transfer from one system to another. We are waiting recipients of the blessing of the new system. The old products that were turned into banks, on the new way of doing things are being prepared.

The system already is in place, just a matter of timing. There are some old forces that don’t want things to change it means their end of life.

Yosef:   Their whole world thrown out the window. Those in charge are patiently making all is okay. 99.4% is already prepared and ready. This last little step, last little steps along the way. The goal is once we start it, we never stop.

The way you want to spend this money you want to do, everyone is functioning on the same system so you can move your money freely. All that is nervous, yelling at Bruce, Yosef, Bob, or whoever, people are getting anxious that don’t know how advance it is. I am here to tell you the system is in place. This is here, waiting for you. They are going to give to you as a gift,  the rates to help others.

Bruce: The concept of 3 European countries that have been printing their own currency those being traded on the new system?

Yosef: The European Union has slowly been dismantled for years.  France, Italy, Spain, and a dozen others,  I think to get their own currency, sovereignty back. The whole concept of the union didn’t work. That is kind of what Europe is going through.  

Some high yield traders got caught. Full transparency on the new system. Every major bank, corporation knows about the RV. This is so real, so advance, so in our face.

Bruce:  The world gold standard, the concept of our TRN, USN, and where are we in that scenario now?

Yosef:  There is a whole new system that replaced the old system. The old system was functioning on metals, derivatives, products, all of that been cleaned up.

All the countries have agreed to go on gold standard. Paris agreement has been put in force. Our gold backed currency in the US is called TRN, the net value we are worth as a country.  USN won’t really change. It will be the same number, just not the same buying power once the RV happens.

It won’t be highly publicized.  They don’t want it in the public eye. This is why it is invisible global event. If word got out how much change in the financial system and the corruption in the old system there be pitch forks, we don’t want that.

Bruce: We want a smooth transition.

Yosef: They will turn on the new system, 800 numbers will come out, and it will happen so fast it will come out as a dream. We don’t know when it is coming. When we get info, we might not be right. It is our obligation to share it with you to an extent. We try to give you as much as we can.

Bruce:  Redemption centers. You and I have contacts that give us info what is going on there. New personnel have been added as recently as this morning. A good portion of people have been added to facilitate these exchanges.

We could have 3 to 4 people at a station. If need be there are more than 3 to 4 people that can help with the exchange if you come in with a boat load of currency to exchange up to 6 people to help. /that is to make it go quickly. They are going to be trained for this. Set up accounts quickly in about 12 minutes.

Yosef: Run background checks.

Bruce: Yes as soon as you walk in the door, they will run background checks. First thing to happen. They have a lot of personnel that will be able to help to go smoothly and professionally. Thank Wells Fargo and HSBC to set this up for so long.

We have been waiting, patiently, believing waiting on this. How do you think the people in the redemption centers?  When they are being told it Go time, they get on the roller coaster ride too. We not only ones on the roller coaster ride too, just they are getting paid.

Yosef:    There are 10 or 11 stations in an exchange center, about 40 people. They have ZIM specific centers that will handle that type of currency. They want you to have the best experience and they have the capacity to handle your needs. They want it to make sure they want to place your money correctly.

They have tried in my estimation; they have been given a good rate of return in the value of money they are offering. I know some people don’t want to be rushed; they are taking care of your exchange in 45 minutes to 3 hours. They are taking care of your initial investment, estate and trust planning, all in one tight little hour to 3 hour meeting. They know we are going to be wide eyed deer.

Br uce:  We need to enjoy it. Structured payouts: it is the banks job to put that out. In general, the concept of a structure payout it, will make it easier for us. You will have enough access of certain percentage of your funds right away. It makes it so you do not have to worry of investing.

Some of the ZIM numbers quite a bit larger than we thought. It will be our benefit for the bank to be responsible for it. We are in the position of philanthropist, helping people. Ask how much goes to the philanthropist, and how much available immediate access and how much working for bank investment to make quarterly income for these projects we have in mind.

Yosef:  Have a personal goal, keep it simple. Express your goal, this is what I need to accomplish personally for my family. Give them that kind of instruction, they will figure out a rate, program. It is a gift. Let them give it to you, don’t fight it.

Bruce: If you do have a humanitarian project, 2 to 3 pages, make 3 copies of it; realize some of these projects with longevity of 20, 50, 100 years, long philanthropist lives. You have projects with longevity to go a long time.

Yosef:  If you getting so much money, you can give freely. You will have a chance to do it again, because income always coming in. If you have ZIM think vast money of it going into philothranpy, 99%  and 1% of cash for yourself specific to the ZIM.

~~~~~~~~~~ end intel portion of the big call

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