Sunday, July 10, 2016



  • EXchange101

    This happened to me around 3:30 pm on July 8, 2016.

  • I walked into Tier1 bank and went over to the teller. I gave her 5,000,000 Vietnamese Dong and told her I wanted to eXchange it. She took my ID and debit card, then checked her screen. 

  • She told me it came out to $0.20 [Twenty cent]. I asked to her please have someone else confirm it - she said, "No Problem." She went to the back office --- came back few minutes later to tell me the same thing! 

  • I smiled...

  • Out of curiosity, I asked her how much they sold 5,000,000... she checked her screen and said, "$251.64". 

  • There is no way I will eXchange 5,000,000 

  • VND for twenty cent, when I UNDERSTAND that I will soon be able to eXchange at twenty cent...

  • That's my bank story... I didn't make it up. It is no opium either! 
  • Draw your conclusion. I have drawn mine.

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