Saturday, July 23, 2016

RBear: Surprise Bank story From 7-20, 23 JULY

RBear: Surprise Bank story   From 7-20: 

I just went to my local bank a BOA and found out that everyone there is excited and waiting like the rest of us ….come to find out even the manager owns Dinar and others they are waiting just like us

They don't push you back and say no ….yea I'm am really pumped up now knowing that most of the employees there have this currency and they seem to be very excited …she still would not admit as to when ….and  soon is all I got ....but the big surprise was that the manager told her employees about this and found out there is a great deal of people in my small town that are in on this.

This is the first time a bank admitted to me that it is real and to admit that they themselves believe in it and own it is proof enough for me to know it is real and could finally be here
Because just 6 months ago they would not say anything about it and now they can't stop talking about it

Hope this lifts some of your spirits and hope know this is real and has really lifted mine

No I will not say what town or which branch…. don't want to get anyone in trouble

This is my story take it for what it's worth …love and peace to you all and may God bless all of you. 

Songwriter:  Based on a conversation I just had with someone who is highly connected, Zim is trading at Soverign rates right now, around 276 Billion per Zim. They are then dealing with Humanitarian Groups, paying them a percentage per Zim, on the soverign rate. It is a trickle down effect. People who get that percentage on the soverign rate then, sets up their own Humanitatian group, offer the group members a rate, bank get some, Humanitarian most. Members then set up own humanitarian group, and on and on

Emon:  . what does the sovereign rate mean for us??? please and thank you in advance for your response

Songwriter:  emon...Nothing! After Sovereign trading is finished, rates will go down and groups will exchange. I'm thinking the Redemption centers may be a group that has recieved soveirign rates and will give us a rate higher than the International rate so, there is plenty room negotiate.

Emon:  it has to do with it being a historical, bond. i believe a gold bond. there is more to the zim that meets th eye!! i have asked about the zim and other monies that are not spoken of, butto no avail. i neverget a direct answer

Yada:  emon,,I will give you a direct answer,,,,they may be considered a bond but we will be exchanging the zim at the currency rate,,,,those who redeem them from us will be able to collect the sovereign rate,,it there is such a thing

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