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We are in a very good place, such a good place that I was planning on delaying this call for an hour or so. Thought we do the call at regular time and if we need to come back to do celebration call later, we will be available to do that. We will see what happens.

Lets start with Iraq.  On Sunday, Iraq was celebrating all over the country like it was the 4th of  July. They were celebrating RV in country. They did show a new rate that was effective.

At a rate it was going up from that point, not think it locked in at a particular rate right now. It did occur. Their cards have been charged for about a week again with a new rate and back pay that went back to 3 months.

The rate I heard on the card for back pay is quite a bit higher than the rate on Sunday when they RV.  Point is they went ahead and did it.  This is bigger than we thought 10 to 12, years ago. We were thinking it come back with a rate of 3.22, somewhere in that range.

We know it will be higher in country because they have resources in country, oil, gold, diamonds. Don’t worry about Iraq, plenty of assets

GCR of all the currencies in the world are under a new system. The banking system has been active for about a week. Utilizing the CIPS system, it encapsulated the Swift system, now those transactions are  transparent.  They can see any monkey business.

They have had difficulty in some areas , but pretty much is all been taken care of.  That swift system may stay around for about 100 days. The Cips system is much faster.

This GCR has been put in as well as the gold back currency and gold back system.  The Climate global treaty was passed by all 205 nations that needed to sign off on that. That treaty has the GCR, the RV, gold standard, gold back currency discussed in it.

That treaty was  activated 11:30pm PST last night and went into affect.

Do we have an RV?  YES. The RV took place for us on the 7th of July, 5 days ago.

Everything that needed to be done in certain parts of the country were done. All poised to began what we are looking for which is the release of notification.

All indications of major funding for large humanitarian funding of all monies received are ready to be utilized. Some of these funds can be seen, some be touched but some not yet be used. Because the funding put into place in a very large way for humanitarian projects are not allowed to be utilize those funds until we receive our 800 numbers and email notification. That is how far we are in the process.

Now to add further, there has been major admin hold in effect, some holds are multiple, some with 40 working parts in them. Most of them are released, but some need to be released.  The timing looks  excellent in the next 24  hours to be release.

What happens when that occurs, when all admin holds are off.  We should be good to go with the timing for the 800 number release.

The banks are ready which they have been ready. Wells Fargo has been doing meetings, video conference calls with major banks around the world. There are still meetings going on but what is happening the banks themselves are making slight adjustment here and there for personnel, exchanges. 

That is the type of movement taking place even now at the off site exchange places. I can tell you that there is a lot of activity going on. A lot of hours putting in, usually double shifts.  Level of security higher than its been before surrounding these places, triple security in some places.

What is different today? 

Believe there are things happening, coming in but slowly a sequence of these events. One thing that was done, there are number of currency in the first basket, 5 of them. Each of them had to be linked to its country's  Central bank directly to the CIP system to China. All 5 have been linked and operational for that purpose.

Last week we did not have that. Now we have it complete.

We talked about various currency we hold as the Zim the Zim is a bond, a great value, special treated for the purpose of our exchange. Certain people are having people specifically about that currency.

The reason the value so high because it is essentially the currency for all of Africa. Africa has jewels, precious and exotic metals,  natural gas, and others with great value. There are opportunities for that currency based on all of those resources to back it up. The Zim treated as a bond.  Thus treated with more respect. Zim holders first appointments, earlier appointment time if you wish.

We have mentioned the 4 different rate structures on other call. The rate we use to know as sovereign is a privately negotiated rate. That has meaning for those who have humanitarian projects to do anywhere in the world. That information is important to let the exchange people know that is your intention.

Let them know on 2 to 3 pages, not long drawn out business plans, in a bullet point outline, or some form of an outline system or a synopsis.
 Let them know what you plan to do. No spelling errors, make enough copies, 3 at least.  Practice talking about your project with your spouse or friend. You need to be familiar with a one minute elevator pitch. Make it fun, informative, exciting.  It is exciting what you will be involved in for many years. Something you love, not too late to put something like that together. Plan to do this if going to ask for privately negotiated rates on t he Zim.

We really now to have happen is the very latest admin hold removed and the notification by 800 number and email to come out. That is really how close we are.

If we are blessed to receive the 800 number.  Yosef or I, we will put it out on a call, like a celebration call, short recording, Kent will put it on the website. Yosef  has a special post as well. He will circulate that on other sites besides bigcall.net. We will  have it on the front page of bigcall.net.   We will  have the 800 number, and post of the link to the recording of the short call.

I believe that we are so close, and you know I am not trying to call it. I am not going to call it. Be prepared, be ready. I think every indication is because what happened with the Global Climate treaty and what is happening with the TRN and USN being live, and with I believe, the last of the admin hold to allow the 800 number to be release have occurred.

That is where we are. I am excited, calm, but highly expectant for something very good in line with our blessing.

When it comes with your exchange keep in mind, you should go to the exchange with 2 picture IDS, something showing your residence like an utility bill, receipts you can bring them, don’t bring the receipts  out. You will be working with at least 2 to 3 or even 4 people at the time of your exchange.

You will be working with getting to know who your customer is initially. They will run your SS number to make sure who you are, a good person, all of that.

Then they will see what currency you have, verification of them, rates, then later various types of structured payouts or set up with your skeleton trust, interest payment, bank program they have. If you need one or two bank cashier checks, temporary bank card then a permanent bank  card in the mail.

Then you will have the opportunity to get new USN at that time. There will be a limit amount of cash you can have. Maybe $7500 range.

After that part of the redemption process, they will talk to you about some of the perks available at the bank, couple of pages. Example: various private jet aircraft travel, shopping trips, etc.  The banks have worked really hard to make this transaction easy and fun for us.

Take a little bit of time to set up accounts. Be prepared if you have a lot of currency one account for each currency you have if you have a lot of one currency like briefcases of each, etc.

You will be working and meeting setting up appointment with wealth management. Maybe initial availability for an appointment, but at least to set up an appointment. Wealth management is the start of setting up your team..

Last time, if you have your ducks in a row, maybe only needed 40 to 50 minutes. If a lot of questions and currency, do a lot of trusts, accts, LLCs, you can be there for 2 ½ to 3 ½  hour. Go in confidently but good attitude, smile, look at the exchange people in the eye, firm handshake.

Wear something nice. That is what I am coming up with for the intel.
The Big Call Replay line: #605-562-3198 Pin #123456

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