Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Philip T:  July 6, 2016  Says we have been here before.  But Lets all be getting ready to Bless others! 

Gary L:Hi everyone, I have Philip on the line, and he talks like we might have some good news. He says we've been here before so that's kind of a little caution there, Philip, tell us what's happening.

Philip T: And once again, we say thank you to Gary and welcome to the listening audience.

Yes sir, Gary, we've been here before, and we've been wrong before, but the good news is that Benjamin Fulford came out yesterday and told the Bush-Clintons that they've got until the 10th because they didn't make it to their last deadline.

And that if they didn't get there on the 10th, that they were going to make a deck of cards and start pulling people in...

Philip T: But secretly, last night there was a treaty signed with the Chinese that will allow for the world to move forward at 10 am China time on Wednesday, which is really 10 pm eastern for America, tonight.

Ok, so that means that in the banks tomorrow we should have a green light folks, that's what that means...

Y'all got a little bit more time, but not much. I'd say hours upon minutes.

Gary, please pray us out.

They are saying that we're going to be there with an open at 10 am in the morning.

Gary L:Praise the Lord, that's wonderful news, Philip.

Lord, we just thank you for that. And we just pray that you're going to fulfill this mission, it's been a long, drawn-out mission, but it's gone every inch according to the way you wanted it. And we know that, we look back and we see all the waiting, it seems to have increased our blessing all along, and we thank you for that. And we thank you for every step that you have for us to take, and we just praise you and thank you.


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