Friday, July 15, 2016

More Intel Highlights From "The Big Call " Thurs. PM 7-14-16 by California Sugar at WingIt

Bruce:  We went through many windows of time.  The next window starts now.

 Administrative holds have been lifted and now in position for things to move forward, like 800#.  Don't know what time it will be.  Very few people know the exact time, but we are very close for this to happen.  

Security is in place.  There was a possible threat of violence to create chaos.  

Our authorities knew about his back in April and have taken steps to deal with it. Heard of a couple of incidents that have happened today.  Bruce said treat as rumor because he is unable to see it for himself. 

osef - I was asked to stop appearing on calls because I was giving away too much information.  Bruce is accurate.  Told we will receive numbers in near future and Big Call has been selected to broadcast that out to Community.

Bruce - we MAY receive the numbers before any others

Yosef - the reason is because of our commitment to ministry, and because we have been consistent with our spiritual message.  

Bruce - if we are selected to provide 800# we plan to do it live, if the timing is right.  If it does not happen accordingly, we will do a secondary call, record it, and send it out to other dinar sites, as well as post it on our site.  

I understand that there will only be only ONE 800#.  it goes to a call center, you give your zip code and will either be connected to redemption center, or be given another number to call, which will be a redemption center.  All will depend upon whether you have Zim.

Yosef - we are not exchanging right now because of security.  We will be secure while in the redemption center, however, they are sealing up the leaks in the barn to ensure our security is fairly guaranteed. They want us to have a good experience with our new wealth, not always looking over our shoulders.  They are thinking past the immediate, and into our future.  

YOSEF:  He’s been on double secret probation. Giving away too much intel. so I was asked to reel it back but we are at this late stage now, so decided to jump on. It’s ok that I re-emerge. Everything Bruce is telling you is accurate.

The Big Call is the only place that you are getting state of the art intel in regard to military, banking, political, and geo-political info, sovereign families from overseas in asia. It’s the only collection of all of that. We are sometimes asked to not give you everything or after the fact. We try and give you a good assessment in a moral telling of what’s going on.


Bruce - regarding security we heard this afternoon that there was a possible involvement with homeland security to monitor that we have a safe start.  The only thing keeping us from moving forward is security concerns that are being dealt with and should not stop us from moving forward in the very near future.

Yosef - near future is now!  the Blessing is not coming, it is upon us.  Just look at what happened this week.  Monday all currencies were calibrated. Tuesday, they put in the ??global tree??. Wednesday, the administrative holds were lifted and the screens were re-numerated with new rates.  

Bruce - UN operational rates are usually put in the system on 13th and effective on 15th - that's tomorrow - Thursday, July 15th

Yosef - First time in 70 years UN held a public election on who will run the UN - no longer appointed by the USA.  Now there will be a true, world diplomatic body.  They are not only holding an election, but a debate and the UN council ultimately votes on it.  Geo-political events are happening at the same time that we expect the RV.  The entire world is functioning on the gold standard.

Bruce - large funders of humanitarian projects can touch money, but cannot spend it yet.  Just waiting on second part of transaction.  That's how far along we are.  

And prosperity packages have been delivered, but the financial aspect cannot be utilized until everyone at the same time can go.  For example, the completion of the financial transactions of SKR, historic assets, should occur after, or almost at the same time of the 800# notifications.
Yosef - Must have a workable currency in every country in order for the funds to move.  That is being done now.  But quietly so that it just happens.  No loud announcement.  Chinese Elders will not allow the big guys to get their money until the little guys on the street gets their money.  Morally nobody goes until the meekest among us go.  
Bruce is thanking Wells Fargo, HSBC and all foreign banks in advance.  Says that he will also receive 800# for Canada and that he will post those numbers as well.  

Going into the exchange, there will be about 3 people working on each exchanger at a time.  If you have multiple bags of currency, they will bring in 4 or 5 people to assist.  in past said 4-5 steps depending on setting up trusts, multiple trusts, etc.  

Don't tie up bank with items that can be done a week later with your WM.  The initial exchange will be to answer basic questions after the "know your customer" portion of the exchange.  The bank people have been going into the redemption centers night after night, waiting, just like we have!  so they understand our situation, and we should try to understand their frustration as well.  

Yosef - Water has broken, the head is crowning!  They are going very slowly for security reasons.  We appreciate that.
Bruce - Thanking the community.  He will plan events for us all to meet.  Looking for leaders to work with him if called by God.  May not need financial contribution, but human capital is great contribution.
Yosef - we are offering a faith based, spiritually guided position of philanthropy.  
Bruce - to get the privately negotiated rate, show up with a 3 page synopsis of your humanitarian project and speak on it for about a minute.  You are in a time-sensitive environment.  The project is humanitarian in nature and/or creates jobs and/or saves jobs.  make sure that your heart is in it.  

Yosef - be honest!  don't take a copy of something your buddy prepared.  Otherwise, the blessing could turn into a curse.  the Lord wants you to have the money because he put that desire to serve inside of you.  If you lie, you could have problems.

Bruce - when we get 800# from WF, we will send to as many sites that we are allowed/permitted as well as on our own site.  TheBigCall.net

Yosef - Not trying to dissuade you from exchanging at your local bank.  However, you may not be able to because all banks are not participating in the exchange of all currencies.  For example, only around 28% of locations are set up specifically for Zim.  WF HSBC, Bank of China … so no option to go anywhere you please.  Political and violent events taking place in France, Dallas, Orlando, are all connected to the Event.  

Intel Over!  

Recaps Note : We received an email from a WingIt moderator saying more notes had been posted in their forum and we should also post these. Thank you very much for letting us know. Different transcribers sometimes catch different points......and all are appreciated.

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