Wednesday, July 6, 2016

London Banker update, 6 JULY

OWoN: Comments from 7-1 through 7-5  London Banker update 
John:  No movement on the HK or Beijing markets today. We will keep watch. Senior US parties are tracking it at even 03-00 hrs in the morning their time the stress is so high. Getting it ripped out of Cabal and Kazakh hands is the final frontier. A real bounty on their heads is so needed. For real justice it needs to be $5M alive and $100M dead. Let the Contractors hunt them down.

No Roubles are Russian Roubles, nothing is showing yet for VND. Only Roubles had a private push, not free market. Private swaps are not reported to the Public markets. The large block RVs will be Sovereigns first, major groups next and when decided,public last.

John:  Sovereigns and major Creditors promised on Wednesday have not been paid or contacted. Including today. With pre advice needed its not looking good. Does it ever? We watch it hourly. Zero is showing.

John:  WHA and OWON Movement has started via HK and the Rouble. Watch your sites. RV's and GS ahould track behind. Activity on Rouble so far, we will advise on each once seen. ONLY Ruble yet but its a start. China is helping Russia first.

We will advise on each when seen. Check on conditions when we advise then. There WILL be conditions. Ignore market hiatus, or the idiot ramblings, just check your sites and have clear real facts as and when it starts. Including the July 4th stupidity zone. Don't miss a day if it kicks off. No time to be at the back end of a Grunt queue.

Ruble ONLY so far, but clearly more is coming. Its when, how much, conditions and who. So use your heads and make sure if it breaks it also includes you.

Peachy:   Russia & China Met Twice Last Week to Propose Monetary Reset Russia and Chinese leaders met twice during last week and called (again) for an end to the current (dollar) system.From my contacts with Chinese insiders I know they really understand our problems well and are clearly preparing for The Next Phase (a monetary and geopolitical reset…

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