Monday, July 25, 2016

LIA: AWAKE IN 3D UPDATE ~ JULY 23rd, 2016, 25 JULY

LIA:  AWAKE IN 3D UPDATE ~ JULY 23rd, 2016

Howdy! Yesterday on the Wingit Call I stated that positive movement is very much happening along GCR exchange processes.  

I also said it is unlikely that there will be any definitive exchange (spendable) actions taken over this weekend.

I dislike making these statements (and I was incorrect with my "last broke weekend" prediction the week before last).

I am awaiting a further update/indication as to the exchange process status today - definitive information, not "banks are ready" type "intel".

Many components of this event have been "ready" for a long time. IT systems, banks, administrative personnel, notification mechanisms, and now, even the funds are ready to the best of my knowledge at this time. Yet, there is some "thing" missing, or left undone.

Perhaps it is just the logistical process at this point, ticking away. For me to go into details about who, what and when is really just passive info and is not going to increase or decrease the progress in the exchange process for us. So for now, we do what we do best... we wait.

But it is coming, there is NO doubt about that!  :)

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