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FrostyTheSnowman:   HIGHLIGHTS TUESDAY NIGHT CC    5th of July – 2016

REMINDER … these are “HIGHLIGHTS” of tonight’s CC.

Please refer to DoodleBug’s or AggieDad’s full transcript (which will be available later) for complete details.

*** The comments made by Frank26, Delta and others are their sole OPINIONS and cannot and should not be used as any form of financial, tax, banking or investment advice!  We offer NO DATE, NO RATE on this forum!!! ***

Frank26:  This is pretty interesting what is going on.
We said that we’d have a conference call if we saw something.

We saw it!
Another thing we were looking for was flags in Mosul.

Last time we were together … Abadi said that “he had the citizens back”

We were looking for numbers … MO, M1, M2, M3 etc.  – We’re never going to see those, so we started to look at currency.

This whole cc is in my opinion (IMO)

Back in December, they left the East coast … then put in the GZ … not the banks (at that time) because the cities needed to be cleaned up.

Article 8 would allow them to increase the value of their currency.

That’s a recap of last cc.

What’s in the banks in Fallujah (and soon to be in Mosul) … is very important for the economic and monetary reforms.

The citizens are putting fear into the remaining bad politicians and fear into the terrorists in Iraq.

There will always be isolated cells.  Sure enough … 4th of July in Baghdad … big explosion rocked the city because EID is coming to an end.  Unbelievable.

The politicians are seeing a “new face” in the citizens.  The citizens are heavily involved.  They want revenge … and now they are empowered.

The citizens will tell you soon that the enemy is not there.

Has anyone seen the loans from the IMF?  “No!”   There are NO LOANS from the IMF!  Go to the IMF website, and show me where they approved the loans.

Have they raised the value of their currency yet?  No … so they won’t get the loans.

Every country is waiting for that Green Light now.

Post #122 … WS left a post … “readings of the IMF” … and then WS disappeared again.
We laid out a 500 IQD BOMBSHELL on our forum … (and not one Guru on another website or blog outside of KTFA knew about it).  Not one.

Jobs.  The RV will not work if they raise the value of the currency WITHOUT sufficient jobs.

As you know, the price of the USD has been manipulated.

The only way they’ll cancel their auctions is when they raise the value of their currency.

Iraq is surviving on borrowed currency (not theirs).

What did we give you as a present last Friday?

3 PDF articles … DRS file.

Parliament Finance is calling on the government to prepare for the coming year.

These technocrats are telling them we are about to explode in business.

You don’t see the IMF loans … you don’t see the taxes and tariff’s … nor do they have the money.

Every meeting is an agreement … another stone put in place to cross the river to the reforms.

The international companies are waiting … salivating for a chance to get into Iraq … but continue to wait for them to change the value of their currency.

We gave you our files.  That’s the LOI.  That is what they are agreeing on.

They tell you … “we have banking reforms.”  Really?  What is it … what is the indicator?  The ROAD to REFORM appeared … everything we wanted in the LOI was in the PDF that we gave you.

Delta gave you something the week before.  Abadi said he solve things after EID.  When is the government coming back?  After the 11th. ?

Right after EID … all of the reforms will travel at a much faster pace. LOL! ?

While all of this is going on … Delta called this week and says … “I think we found it.  The CBI is going to release the 500 IQD note with the Kurdistan language on it.”

[Frank asked Delta not to respond to any questions about his post].

The guru’s copied our files … but not a single word.

Welcome internet.  I’d like to tell you something.

Back in December 2015 … “Junior was told by dad (the IMF) that this is what we are going to do.”

We called it a roadmap.  They said they were going to bring the currency out at 1 to 1 … and then float it.
I said they could float it until it reached $4.25 and then they would cap it.

Remember the 50k IQD note?  The banks tried to entice the citizens to come in and exchange their 25k’s for the 50k’s.  The citizens didn’t fall for it.

On Friday … over the weekend … the TIMING to release the 50 IQD note … the language printed on it was a demand of the Kurds.

Notice … the Kurds don’t say much since December.

The 500 IQD note was printed in December with the 50k note.

As you know, the citizens already have a 500 IQD note (without the Kurdistan language on it).

When you look at that … IMO … when the value of the IQD goes up … the new 500 IQD note … will be THE LARGEST DENOMINATION!!!   Ta-Da-Freakin’-Da!!!

There will be no more 3 zeros!

The 3 zero notes will fade away … because mathematically (with the new rate) … those don’t work.

When they raise the value in Iraq … the 3 zero notes won’t be usable to the citizens any longer.

IMO … that 500 IQD note has been “secured” within certain banks … many months ago.

The plan is to lift the 3 zeros from the citizens.

500 IQD note (and notes lower than that) is all that will be used in the future.

Today … they are closed for 3 days.  They will be back on the 10th … and on the 11th they will talk.

Abadi said that as soon as “this time passes, we will do all of the reforms.”

Raffidian & Rasheed banks said months ago that they were 98% ready to do loans for the citizens.

At 1 to 1 … a 500 IQD note would be more than suffice.  They’ve already eliminated the 50 IQD note.

ISIS is creating their gold coins … which is stupid because they are all being confiscated.

Delta article was very profound.  “The prospects of the investors will solve our problems now that Fallujah and Mosul have fallen.”

Will the citizens pay their bills with the 500?

The USA is paying their citizens and armed forces.  We are still paying the bill --- but they are getting ready to take over.

The 500 DINAR will be the LARGEST NOTE!  The others will be deleted over the next few years.

That puts things into a completely new perspective, doesn’t it?

Iraq will NOT be split into 3 parts.

KTFA family … this 500 note is a precursor to releasing the other LD’s.

Everything must occur ALL AT ONCE!  That’s why do many dominos are being set up all at once.

The rest of the LD’s will also have the Kurdistan language on them … ALL OF THEM!  All of them are positioned in [secured] banks right now.

Once they change the value … you will see all 3 languages.

There was law in December 2015 … the Kurds language must be included on the currency.

The 50,000 notes were to eliminate the 10k, 25k … but the citizens wouldn’t work with them (the banks).

This 500 IQD note released … IMO … equals a CHANGE THAT IS COMING to the IQD rate.

For them to release this now without a rate change is beyond stupid … (and the IMF is not stupid).

IMO – this newly printed note is for the next 2-3 months to allow the RV to blossom.

Paris Club … Kuwait … “postpone their payments” … for a reason.

Article 8 will allow them to pay their own bills … a rate that the INTERNATIONAL world will love.

I believe the rate will go full-speed by the end of the year.

What we were looking for … DELTA FOUND IT!  We believe it was the 1st domino … to be follow by a sequence of others to fall.

The banks in Iraq … (especially the big 3) … will hold onto the 50k’s for a while to make large transfers – which spells … NO LOP!

They are following OUR monetary reform … modified by J Lew.

I believe them to be a copy of the USA.

Go tohttp://www.banknotenews.com and bring up the nation IRAQ and begin to read.  The 1st paragraph you will see the 500 IQD note that was introduced to the citizens.  They (citizens) were expecting them to revalue their currency 5 years ago.
They messed up 5 years ago.  They blew it.  The international world knows that.  Article 8 is about to be pulverized.

A long time ago I told you that I believe that IRAQ was ARTICLE 8 compliant … because they “act” like it.

The US … as you know … put Maliki in to do these reforms … so they moved him out … put Abadi in (on a short leash) … and Abadi has done an amazing job.

O told Abadi that he was placed in as PM for a reason.  DAASH got in the way.  Iraq asked for help, and we jumped on it … because this time … it would be done OUR WAY!

What is the bottom line?

Who can we eliminate?

So Abadi … after EID … what do you plan to do?

He can’t do anything with the monetary reform without the economic/financial reforms.

EID is the 6th, 7th and 8th of July.  (A time of giving gifts).

Meanwhile … a bunch of idiots threw rocks at Abadi’s motorcade.  This mad him very angry.

Over the weekend the Kurds put out their 3 year plan to be implemented.  WOW!  (Why now?) … funny … that’s exactly what Baghdad did.

“The banking sector reform starts the steps the economic reform in Iraq.” --  This is self-confession from the banks family.

Their banking reforms are ready for the INTERNATIONAL world.

So Maliki … (BOZO) … makes a statement that he’d be happy to come back as the head of the government.  No one listens to him anymore.

Meanwhile, Russia (who really wants to get into Iraq/Iran) … talks about the “GREEN LIGHT” – LOL!

Purifiers took the 3 documents … showed you the GREEN LIGHT articles … “the launch of the Green Light to launch the value of the IQD.”

Abadi orders convicted terrorists to be executed right after his motorcade was attacked.  *** (IMO - that was another green light).

The CBI said on Monday to announce the gold bullion.  Do you see them?  No.  (because they haven’t raised the value of their currency yet).

The LONG-LINE … awaits to go thru ONE-DOOR … the “INVESTMENT DOOR”.

ReddStarr said that it doesn’t get any better than this! These are the things that you and I have been dreaming about!

The CBI also talks about overseeing payments of overcharges of MasterCard.  Really?  How can you have all of these INTERNATIONAL payments at a program rate?  LOL

All they need to do is raise their value.

Back in December 2008 … we explained to you that there would be 4 banks.  Now 8 years later, these 4 banks have fit the shoes of our opinions.

Hope you enjoyed your cc.

Call ended in prayer.

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