Friday, July 22, 2016

Highlights from The Big Call 7-21-16, 22 JULY

Highlights from The Big Call 7-21-16

MissKitty05:  Bruce as of 5pm today all 27,000 skrs have ben made liquid... except for a few flagged with issues that had to be resolved before they could be liquidated

Starchild:  Bruce - 13,000 SKRs Liquid by This AM, now all funded and liquid - he says.

Rocker66:  Bruce may have answered the number of SKR issue Thanks Star

MissKitty05:  Bruce: so skrs are not part of the shotgun start as we tht, but rather needed to be fully hydrated before the rest of us go

MissKitty05: Bruce:  There's a meeting in China Friday/ Sat and it is quite possible that what we're waiting for happens prior to the weekend and this meeting

 Would also be good for something to take place b/w the 2 conventions

He can't think of anything else that needs to happen ... Yosef on now

Y: can't identify any more dominos that need to fall before we get our turn but everythine we think everything has been completed, something else comes up

Y: Over 26,000 skrs have been hydrated

Y: the China meeting is a precursor to a September meeting ... we tht there would be an announcement at the September meeting. Interesting that all finance ministers are together now and are in China

Y: Back in 2013 pres of China met with O in Palm Springs and began the process that we hope will come to fruition this weekend.... has been a 3 year journey

interesting to see how far we've come.... have redemption centers, 11 stations with dela rue machines, currencies have risen in value

Lots of delarues installed in redemption centers yesterday... they are connected to the mainframe so they can be directly connected to the CIPS system. They are in the zim specific redemption centers and banks

Over past 3 years a lot has occurred. Easy to be frustrated but looking back we can see how much progress has been made. People in exchange centers feel frustrated too

B: the fact that about 27,000 skrs were paid out today is a good sign. Yesterday the system was put on a sort of auto pilot with a computer... we don't know exactly when it will occur. We'vre in the window but don't know exactly when

The secrecy on the timing is being done for security purposes so no microtrader gets any advantage but at some point the reality of waiting outweighs the need for secrecy

Y: talking about the transition of the spirit... the money will magnify what's there already

B: encouraged b/c can see progress, additional staff being added, additional trainers for the dela rue machine

Y: disagrees a bit .. starting to see a point of diminishing return by waiting any longer

Y: everything is in place ... we are just waiting for those who should say "go" to say "go"

Y: sees this as a moral failure at this point ... pleads with those in a position to influence the button pushers to let this go

B: doesn't know if there are additional dominos or puzzle piece that need to be addressed .. hopes not

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