Saturday, July 2, 2016


7-2-2016   Newshound Guru Mountainman   IRAQ and the USD are Moving On UP TOGETHER...for IRAQ is Pegged to It...The TIME is Not Yet to be Seen...Just because IRAQ hasn't Changed YET...Doesn't Mean their (Turn) isn't About to TURN OVER RED ROVER...{ALL} this is A GLOBAL HEAT WAVE of TIMING...from the EAST to the WEST...A GLOBAL MELT DOWN w/ A Designed PRECISE {COUNTDOWN}...IMO

7-2-2016   Intel Guru Frank26
   Atticle:  "Parliamentary Economy: edit Mosul will stimulate investment and the private sector in the country"    "GIVE ME MOSUL...AND WATCH THE REFORMS PICK UP AT A VERY VERY VERY QUICK... PACE..."  We told You this a month ago but take heed ...THEY NOW TELL YOU OUR... KEYWORDS.  

7-2-2016   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3  [saw this...Iraq is seeking to postpone the payment of debts owed to the Paris Club of creditor nations confronted with a liquidity crisis caused by the weakness of oil prices in addition to the cost of the war against al Daash.]   ...I HEARD THE DELAY TILL THE 12TH HAS BEEN MOVED BACK TO THE 3RD.  THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED AS YET THAT I KNOW BUT IS THEIR USUAL MODE OF OPERATION TIME WILL TELL. 

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