Monday, July 18, 2016


7-18-2016   Newshound Guru wmawhite   ...Maliki still leads a political bloc, all though a minor bloc. Think of a political bloc as an union. A political union within the Iraqi Parliament. If you understand this, it is very understandable that the head of a bloc/union will always be negotiating with other political blocs as well as their leaders.  This is life...it is the way their political life runs from day to day.

7-18-2016   Newshound Guru Aggiedad77
   Article:  "Water Resources: join the marshes World Heritage upstream countries will be required to secure its share of water"  [Being included on this list assures UN protection of Iraq's water supply from neighboring countries upstream ... no one can threaten them using the water as a weapon without having to face UN intervention ... a sense of security IMO.]  I so agree with your comment...this is an extraordinary move on Iraq's part...not only to preserve its marshlands but also something that ...will become very near and dear to Iraq and all of the Middle East...water...an important commodity in a desert land of vast magnitude...this will pay dividends to the Iraqi's in the future...IMO...why is this important...it shows that Iraq is looking ahead to what they hope to be a bright future for them and they want to be that "oasis" that brings people together...IMO.

7-18-2016   Newshound Guru Millionday
   Article quote:   "Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister, the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, about the deal with the International Monetary Fund as a «financial protection for Iraq» and expressed optimism about the improvement in the credit and financial viability of Iraq by the surge in Iraq 's international value of the bonds that created until 2028, amounting to $ 2.7 billion revealed , particularly after the IMF approved a loan worth $ 5.3 bill"   THE IMF HELP IS SEEN AS SECURITY FOR IRAQ.   GLOBAL INVESTMENTS WILL HELP WITH CREDIT RATING – A LOT BETTER THAN NOT.  THE BONDS OUT CREATE A BETTER ECONOMIC PICTURE FOR IRAQ GLOBALLY.  THE IMF IS HELPING IRAQ TO STAND ON THEIR FEET AND HELP THE ECONOMIC CONDITION AS THEY GO TO MARKET.  THE EXACT FIGURES ARE NOT INCLUDING THE PAST BUT WILL STILL CREATE A WAY TO MAKE IT RIGHT BUT THE CALCULATION WILL BE ABOUT THE IRAQ THAT STANDS NOW – EXCELLENT.

7-18-2016   Newshound Guru mike   Article:  "Urgent calls Jubouri blocs to nominate names for the formation of a committee to amend constitution"   Great, another committee formed to tackle what? The constitution of Iraq. I was hoping Iraq would deal with the immediate issues instead of tackling such a huge task. These guys can't agree on the small stuff, how in the world do they think they're going to achieve quorum on something as big as the constitution? 

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