Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Things Are Developing Behind,
Be Hopeful and Positive in Your Outlook.  No Radio Program this Week as I Will Traveling


Dear Friends,

Today and tomorrow I am Los Angeles visiting my son who I have not seen in over six months.  Yesterday I did the eight hour drive from Sedona to LA.  That provided lot's of phone time, five hours worth.

Obviously I was getting updates on the funding scenario for the RV/GCR.  Let me say things are progressing.

Over the last three years I have developed many great and reliable contacts.  Three different sources who do not communicate with each other all gave the same report yesterday.

This issue has been stopped from the very top.  There are cabal sources who just flat out do not want this RV/GCR to take place.  It means the end of the Federal Reserve and their power over the world's money supply as we know it today.  They have been playing every trick in the book they know to stop it.  This process has been going on at this level for well over one year.  Each time they lose ground but seem to come back for another round of the battle.

But, the word is that the battle is just about over.  In so many words they have run out of ammunition that can counter what is coming their way.

Sources say meetings have been taking place, treaties are being signed and we may see some things develop this week.  That does not mean you and I will see things at the street level, but it does mean the shift is happening. 

Once everything is done, for all practical purposes it takes a few weeks to move everything into position where it is safe to proceed dispersing funds.  By the time buyers, brokers and paymasters are all in place, it can still take another week or two before it makes its way to the street level, i.e. meaning you and I may have some spending money.

Last week I had breakfast with a new contact who has been around the money/funding scene for almost 25 years.  His contacts go very deep and he was saying the same thing all 3 of my other  sources said yesterday.

But, he also said, even though the cabal is
just about done, do not count out that they may give it one more last try.  While we do not know the total picture, there may be some cases where things may get worse before they get better.  It always seems to be darkest just before the dawn.  I cannot say what that may be and please do not speculate and guess what may develop.  The issue is to stay focused and and stay positive no matter what comes our way.

Some of you have been in this for many years.  Some feel like you are about ready to throw in the towel.  Some are ready to sell your currencies and give up and you have been emailing me asking what to do.

Obviously it is your choice, I cannot tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I am doing.  I recently bought more currency.  My so
urces are deeper than ever and I feel better than ever this is going to transpire.

Remember, I have been saying for over one year, three things need to develop.  1.  The Chinese Yuan needed to become a part of the reserve currency basket.  That happened last October.  2.  The cabal needed to be neutralized so they could not stop this process.  That is under  way and just about done unless something we do not know arises.  3.  The new USN?TRN's needed to come into the public market.  Those have been printed and ready to go for some time.  They are waiting for number two to be finished.

It is important that you use your good discretion about what is being reported on the blog sites.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to use common sense on some of the stuff that is being said.  Always ask the question, where are they going to get the money to pay for wh
at they are reporting.  How much is it going to take, where are they going to come up with the quadrillion dollars to pay for this exchange they are talking about.  What is the practicality and logistics of what they mentioned being carried out without some sort of disruption.  Do they really think they can create over 5000 people becoming more wealthy than Bill Gates overnight?  Do they really think they can create over 5 million new multimillionaires over night.  Are the Elders and Dragon Families really going to let that happen.  Are the cabal going to let over 10,000 people join their elite status over night?  And what does that kind of money placed into the world economy do to a supply and demand system?

When you think through the questions you
begin to see how unpractical those issues are.

That is why most if this information is deliberate disinfo to keep us off guard, in anxiety, guessing and on the 'hopium' train of hoping, hoping, hoping with nothing happening.  It is a game they play with us.

For centuries the cabal has used se
crecy and fear to control the masses.  The advent of the internet has neutralized their power of secrecy.  They cannot keep things secret any more.  They have moved to deception and disinformation.  That is their new tactic, giving reports that have elements of truth, enough sugar to make it taste good, when underneath it is laced with poison.  But this poison is directed toward your thoughts.  By keeping your thoughts off base, they can control the end result and never deliver on what you are hoping for.

Get off the 'hopium' train and get yourself grounded in practical reality.  Yes, there is gold out there to cover this RV/GCR.  But it is not going to be dumped on the world overnight, it is going to be released step by step over a process of many years to keep our world in a stable transition.

Be strong, be faithful and be aware.  Be praying for me regarding the trip I am taking this week.  Hopefully I can report next week on what is transpiring.

You are all very well loved!!!   


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