Wednesday, July 27, 2016


BLUWOLF:  THINGS TO THINK ON: THE G20 meeting favors the GCR and RV's, it also gives the BRIC'S system it's total welcoming. Iraq’s currency will be circulating  by the first week of next month.’

 It's curator has now been returned to finish the financial job ( Dr.Sabbibi). No more American interventions in Iraq.

They have informed me that the SKR'S owners are aroused and very jumpy, nervous to say the least. For they can lose all there unused monies before they are liberated with just one presidential word. 

The country's economy is bankrupt so you know. And 44 is about to make the announcement and give the order if H gets screwed.(IMO)  Everything else that is expected is running forward smoothly.  It will be completed very shortly. Good day. Bluwolf

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