Friday, July 15, 2016


Today is a day that you all must take reference to, for by the media and the internet, we were told that havoc was to roam through the streets of the world (ref. anonymous). My prayers go off to all the innocent that just were in the wrong place at the wrong time ( as these bastards would say ),

Or the truth there in which state that they were just living and roaming the land where they lived and called home, only to have and idiot without scruples come out of the woodworks and commit this crime for which they had no right in committing to begin with.
This is the lame forces of greed last breath and hopefully their last signs of existence,

All the bank inform me that nothing has changed and that they have been at their posts waiting for close to a month and a half for the final signal of GO.

We must also make reference to the fact that all the bs with the liberating of the two cities taken by the isis had to be done, for that was one of the goals that manage to come out of the wood works exactly five years back, and security is one of the steps to sovereignty.

And from the sandbox we get that Iraq is finally doing good by its currency and by its people and that makes me very happy for these people and their land.

I must repeat that there will only be a 800 number and that no matter who gets it first it will be distributed for the benefit of all.

The rates will be of your likings, just remember not to leave all your eggs in one basket, if you have three currencies well then make three accounts etc.

Get in and get out fast and you all know what I am talking about and NO I will not repeat myself.

You all know from my recollecting that July 17, 2016 is a deadline for the GCR to be of official domain ( something mention by a three letter economic agency in the month of March ).

With that all PP, St. Germain Trust,FP and all Private entities will be honored (in fact they are all loaded and gold valued and their accounts are awaiting for the 204 country RV to settle into existence so they can be render useful.)

One thing that I must mention ( even though I hate to do so ) is that the outcome of these demonic political conventions is one of the factors to hold (delay) of this whole revaluation of 204 countries and this has been always the fact.

Now whether the U.S. gets their act together and let this rest or we and the world are into and in for hell of a long ride and that is despicable to say the least.

Well we stand here people, I will get back once I get that 800 number. Na'maste Bluwolf.

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