Sunday, July 10, 2016


BGG:  I think everyone is missing the significance - THEY ARE RE-INTEGRATING with the world now...and are still THE MOST UNDERVALUED CURRENCY there is...

"Grossly undervalued" is the terminology used by economists...GOOD FOR US. 

Abadi is still pushing forward on all kinds of reforms... There is lots of news out confirming and talking about the first installment by the IMF getting sent to Iraq... (...it is being sent "incrementally" - based on their implementation of "reforms")

Ask yourself at what point is "currency reform" on their check list...that is the question you SHOULD BE ASKING.
Q:  [Any thoughts on the progress of the cabinet reshuffle and the possibility of reaching a quorum to get the important laws passed?]   

BGG:  I think that is all soon. Abadi will get that done. 

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