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Good Sunday morning/afternoon members and friends of WSOMN.

Friday evening I got together with several others for a candid currency webinar to discuss various aspects of the RV and GCR.

As is often the case there were opinions expressed that were at odds with the commonly held belief that the RV will take place this month as well as those supporting that belief.

I will give a brief overview for these opinions.

The information source sharing the opinion of later rather than sooner explained that a succession of events must occur before the RV can happen.

To put it briefly this providers timeline takes us into September (similar to Dr. Clarke's view) and should include a joint public resolution of the Middle Eastern nations disavowing use of the petro dollar. This, in turn, reduces the dollar's value.

At the same time or shortly thereafter there will be a behind the scenes unannounced Quantitative Easing (QE4) that will begin (this may already be happening) to support the collapsing petro dollar economies.

Add to this the further instability in the Middle East (ie. Turkey) with USA allies. Once this is going on the IMF will step in to offer loans to stabilize countries.

The problem is that the IMF is not a benevolent organization. They have built huge stockpile of reserves for the purpose "saving" economies when in reality it is the attempted takeover of personal, business and government assets through these " collateralized" loans.

The information provider suggesting this timeline indicates that there are certain processes in place that must be completed and the timeline suggests the final steps are to be completed in September.

The information source feels this timeline is accurate but significant world political, financial natural events could move it forward to some degree.

One of our guests explained the private side exchanges vs. the public exchanges. Private side exchanges are and will be completed in order of the position held in a private group.

Without going into detail these groups began with well placed (ie. connected) individuals with, for the most part, very large quantities of currencies.

Although the bond holders, general and historic, play a significant role in this party their transactions are separate, yet connected.

For the most part those holding the valuable bonds and those representing them have no interest in the RV and do not follow it. Their philosophy is "One and done". One project completed is more than enough for them to worry about.

Those that support the opinion that the RV is very near point to the market and bond conditions, world events and the continued presence of personel in these exchange centers we hear about.

I place a great deal of credibility on this information provider because of his sources and the fact he has been to the (exchange) center himself in central Texas.

It must be said that although the "perhaps later" opinion in this posting received more print, the majority of those on the webinar were very positive we are very near the end.

So be of good cheer on this the 17th of July, 2016.

WSOMN has many very well placed information providers that regularly pass on the information they are being told by their sources or from those they know who are directly involved with the process.

When and if the 800#'s are provided you will be notified on the board or by a Tweet.

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