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AdminBill:  GOOD RUMOR TODAY. This is what I have so far : The Admiral group people were called to meeting this morning.


Blessed2bablessing:  This is Sumpie’s (a retired US Army Captain) reply to Dr. Clark’s post.

Link to Dr. Clarkes Post

It is from the 6/18/16 WSOMN afternoon forum chat.  It is his personal “observations” regarding several points found in Dr. Clark’s latest post (6/17/16).

(Blessed2BABlessing has re-posted this with Sumpie’s permission.)

Sumpie:  Observation #1: One observation I had with Dr. C's "contribution" is that he believed the U.S. was omnipotent.

Observation #2: his statement that "if it doesn't happen by the 17th - we'd say there's a 20% change by the 17th". Surely, a typing error. Also, "we think there's a 99% probability that Iraq will raise their rate the last week of September." Wait, he just said 20% change by the 17th and 99%change during (not "by") the last week of September…

Observation #3: He said, “Oil- Petro dollar: Folks, oil will be around a long long time, and the U.S. is going to become even more entrenched in it and support..." ANY observer of the U.S. establishment of the Petro dollar and it control until a few years ago knows that the U.S. has be losing control to countries who are trading oil in non-USD. Russia and China, Syria and India, ect. How does this person suggest the U.S. is going to become "even more entrenched"?
Observation #4: Dr. C sets up a straw man in saying "This is NOT about the Chinese Government bailing out the world." Strong language. It is not, nor has it been understood to have been the Chinese Government. But, the private holders (families, etc.).  Surely you know that MAO failed utterly in getting his murderous hands on the gold that some VERY smart people believe to represent 90% of all the gold in the world.
Observation #5: Dr. C is (IMO) Mt. Goat. Surely, his great knowledge should bring him to stoop to us poor little idiots and help us understand
Observation #6: Iraq and VN are the U.S.'s trophies? Well, I was in the military during the VN war and I do not remember carrying the trophy back in '72.
Observation #7: regarding the CE: "...your money is your money...legally they can't even do this...nonsense about having humanitarian goals, plans business...insane, Don't be Stupid..."
(Of course he claims there are not contract rates. If so, he is correct. If there ARE contract rates, they can elect to offer them with any condition they like if it is legal. Another strawman.)
Observation #8: 8th (and last) Observation: Dr. C says regarding intel providers, "most have NO record of success - especially handling MONEY or BUSINESS." How can this person make such a claim? Does he know who all these people are and their professional background, to boot? Of course not…


zejaybee :  Sumpie  Could he be the announcement it isn't going to happen for another 3 months similar to the same announcement in 1991 that Kuwait will not revalue for 3 months and then it happened over night. Just something to think about

Sumpie : Perhaps the Wednesday June 22 event will answer for him.

GEG-Dinar:  How do you know Dr. Clarke isn't telling the truth?  At this point nobody in Dinar Land has been spot on so why dismiss the good Doc out of hand?  Just because this individual is telling you things you don't want to hear doesn't mean there isn't truth in what is being told.  

Do we  want to be told things that only make us feel good such as it's gonna RV tomorrow and we'll all get contract rates on all our currencies?  

At this point I'm open to listening to all views and seeing what plays out.  Personally I'm more inclined to believe Dr. Clarke's views over somebody like Yxxxxx or Fxxxxxx, (although Dr. Clarke's idea that oil will be at $100 this time next year is a crock of nonsense IMO) but I'm still open to hearing all views, and not just the ones that make me feel all warm and gooey.

MTiedel: I know who "Dr. Clarke" is….That’s why   ….He's not a bad guy, just doing what he's supposed to do!. I've been in this Dinar 11.5 years. I flew the original loads of IQD into the ME, 244,000 lbs each trip. I've been on the sidelines for quite some time, waiting. I missed the Kuwait Dinar reval because I thought it was all BS!, but rest of my crew bought a bunch of Kuwati Dinar and are each worth well over 28 million. I swore I wouldn't miss out again!. So....Like the rest of us, I'll just sit and wait!!!!.

 DWIM:  As a fairly uninformed lurker and holder of D, I have appreciated all of the various comments - many instructive - in response to the Dr. Clarke post.  In particular, I appreciated (ragincagin?) one post that essentially said, 'in time we will all know/understand who had it right... in the meantime we wait and do our best..."  Thank you. 

Evenstar: :  Well Dr. Clarke like many others is very convinced that his information from his sources is correct... He may be right on many of his points and he may not......there are lots of pieces to this puzzle and i think they are all coming together from Iraq, Vietnam, Brics. Government, IMF, BIS, and all around the world ....

When the puzzle is finished..we get to exchange........IMO....but i sure like to read everything out there and keep an open mind...and I really appreciate everyone who shares what they hear.

Secretly I hope that the Nesara/Republic people really are right but hav’nt seen any proof of this either......I won't hold my breath........but I still hope its true...lol

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