Tuesday, June 7, 2016



RaginCajun :china stated over a year ago they were going gold backed this june, things could change and they could already be gold backed. they have been buying alot of gold
RaginCajun:  Frank said they(Iraq) got their first loan on Saturday

Dinardiva:  Iraq seems to be doing business as usual with no need to change currency in site.... confusing

RaginCajun:  dinadiva- maybe it has changed and they don't want us to see it yet, just guessing

Snickers: Imo, the real plus about Frank and his intel is that he has Delta working with him. Delta is an Iraqi and actually comes on live on the call and tells it like it is over there in real time. All the others have 'sources' but don't say who they are. That's the difference maker for me.


Peak: Yosef(From the Truth call Mon. night)   I have more intel:  800#s
  Really good news, everything is recalibrated, the values that needed to be recalirated from the different countries are recalibrated and set now.

The lead bank is prepared to go as early as this evening.  The back wall on it is sometime before this time tomorrow *MN)  so lets put a 24 hour time on it. That is from the lead bank.  What does that mean? 

I am not sure if they will do an early private exchange, for intel gurus, etc, and then it will be blasted thru the groups.


CandyGirl:  Can someone tell me what finally happen with the Militaries exchanging ? Or was that one of the many weekend things that never happened

Lostnq8:  candy think that has been debunked

Candygirl:  They use Okie to fool us since they know that everyone loves Okie, shame on whoever is doing this.

Duckie:  My bets are.that they put out that info this weekend to see if bases would be overrun by toothless crack heads in zombie mode. Guess they over estimated us.

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